The following link is an on-going discussion regarding the concept of “Delusion” which you are invited to join should you wish. :

This is a posting sight for “Thoughts” ( ), which I have enjoyed for some time now:

Delusion’s Inquiry

Maybe delusion has found me,
Maybe Incarnate Hope is absurd,
Maybe ‘Truth’ doesn’t set you free,
Focusing beyond my faith appears blurred,
Skewing life’s true purpose by God’s Word…

Or is delusion given to those of unbelief,
Is submission to lies more preferred?
Is escape their only plan for grief?
Is there even purpose for life that’s brief?

If something cannot come from nothing,
Then the god of unbelief is a thief,
Stealing only from what The Uncreated brings.

Disbelief must delude by pridefulness,
Inhibiting truth and humanity’s progress.

By Chris Clody 1/8/15


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