All is well, All is well…

CANDLE_hopeFaith. A will to believe where there is doubt. Unreliable as data to the five senses and lacks evidence.  It is a blind belief in a darkened understanding that is dazzled by a light that ascends any known light.  Nevertheless, our yearning to be home drawn by this light irritates our logical understandings.  God, who completely understands Himself, leaves creation blind yet hungry for His intimate creative mysteries.  Remarkably it is faith that helps only the humble ‘see’ an understanding of His Presence.  However, knowledge of the Divine,  is simply a gift He alone spoon-feeds the humble hungry.  Stay hungry my friends.

All is Grace


O Faith,
O veil,
O Infinite One,
To You,
I seek,
then I start to run,
For Night…
Has come.

I seek a light,
That ascends all light,
For now I know,
Everything is grace,
All a gift…
in my sight.

O Night,
Of Faith,
The blackest of depths,
I trod,
’cause You never left,
My soul,
Now blest.

All is grace,
All is well,
…All is well

by Chris Clody 4/11/15


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