Bright teeth, Elvis hair… still oily



Planting crosses on Pagan’s Hill,
Purple bleeds prescription pills,
Churches praise in vanity,
The culture’s vice enjoys the kill.

Big boxes sprout from business spoils,
Marketing gods claimed new soil,
A new sound for God is soon decreed
Saving souls is today’s snake oil.

Blessing accessorize the “holy”,
Bright teeth, Elvis hair… still oily,
Mansions,books,fame and fortune,
By picking pockets from lost and lowly.

Yet I hope…
Beyond all hope,
From a G_d I cannot know…
but only love.
Waiting ever praying,
For night to end and day to come,
Shedding Light and Love.
We’ll see what we’ve become,
and what we are not,
Tearful eyes will see its King,
Tearful eyes will not.

Seek the first Love you never knew.

by Chris Clody 7/25/15


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