Life is better with a friend.


Just to know you’re near

If I could just tell you how I feel,
If prayers could talk,
they’d soon reveal.
This brother in arms would gladly steal,
This burdened life,
You’re cards cruel deal.

Yet… You smile.
Staring as if seeing through a child,
And share a joy,
A greater hope,
that bears your journey’s painful miles.

Again, you smile.
Offering grateful and knowing eyes,
And say to me,
Without regret,
“This cross I carry will soon baptize,
Our time as brothers,”
Which grows thick yet somehow disappears
Somehow knowing
Within our midst,
This Savior of Love has brought friends near,
Only to be said, “I’m just glad you’re here.”

By Chris Clody

Hang tight Kev.


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