Living Life’s Paradox


Within every parable the mystical tension of a paradox exists. To be strong we must first become weak.  Please pray for my decrease as I do you today. Pray that we sell out completely to gain that single-minded focus within G_d’s will. To bury deep within our core perspective the pearl of our Father’s genius. Pray that His grace is satisfactory to love what pulls you and I apart.  Let us approach the strain of life as a holy sacrament that stretches our very identity to love another because who we have become! Allow G_d’s will freedom to roam without limit knowing condemnation  and humiliation are robes that will someday rival the coat of Joseph. Fear nothing in our  journey, accepting both joy and sorrow. Know you are not alone in partaking of life’s communion.  Pray for the Holy Fire to burn away our shadows of loneliness, depression, and despair from love lost. Death has been declawed by our heart for Christ. Remember grief is the residue of love bound in hope; despair is not.
Give Love it’s due.

Soon…Jack, Kev, little Christopher.. Soon… Ralph, Suzie, Annie, Jim, etc… Soon we will laugh, love, and hold those now praying for us.
His love,


2 thoughts on “Living Life’s Paradox

  1. Thank you for this wonderfully invitation to participate with joy in the paradox of this life. Seeking that unity of spirit, emptying every room within for Him, holding nothing back…trusting fully with confident hope in Jesus’ promise “I am with always; even to the end of time.”

    • I just taped “emptying every room within for Him – Dcn. Clif” on my keyboard! Wow. Just letting that settle! Simply remarkable and inspirational brother.
      Be blessed!

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