“I Love You Daddy…”

Somewhere In The Breeze

His presence seems so far away,
I immerse my grief in memories,
Yearning for just one yesterday,
To silence the echoes he left empty.

Unsure why I quietly pray,
Yet know he answers in the breeze,
Gazing at leaves caught in his sway,
I sense his love, his smile,and his tease.

Tears long dried, I too am smiling,
And warmed by the brilliant, dawning day,
His loving life leaves me whispering,
“I love you Daddy, for yesterday and today.”


by Chris Clody


3 thoughts on ““I Love You Daddy…”

  1. Wow, you have such a gift Christopher. This is Amy’s sister, Susie…. This is so nice and I know this means a lot to Amy.

    • In a beautiful way we are all family. Although I dare not comprehend the grief of losing a Dad, I am brave enough to admit that when one hurts we all do somehow. I pray for all of you and hope his legacy of love eases the waves of grief sure to come. Thanks for your kind words, but for now, surelyrics you and your wonderful family deserves them more than I.
      Hoping all find that special memory that gets you through. Peace, C

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