Another Deafening Silent Night.



Another Silent Night

Silent night…after silent night,
This faith I thought I knew,
Where Sundays boast of saints and martyrs,
Now mouths seal shut and hearts turns blue.

When did fear creep in,
Where are the lionhearted,
When will the little children ask again,
Why are martyrs highly-regarded?

If “Nothing is hidden from God,
And everything is naked before his eyes
When neighbors turn on neighbors,
WHO hears the icy predator’s laugh and despair of victims’ cries?

When calumny precipitates political seasons,
The church slumbers through forgetful nights,
Awakens anemic, afraid, and silent –
Unequipped, unwilling, and running from the fight.

God hears His Bride calling,
He weeps at her neglect,
Calming her to be patient awhile longer,
Assuring her one day; all will genuflect.

When will man return to Caeser,
What he covets and has stolen,
And give to God what he gratefully owes –
When will these Silent Nights be broken?

By Chris Clody


3 thoughts on “Another Deafening Silent Night.

  1. Chris, your last reflections seem to reveal a darkening within your meditation. A frustration, an impatience has appeared. Those who have not encountered the close relationship with God as you don’t see what you see, don’t feel what you feel. You appear like one with a high IQ trying to get through to those who cannot be made to understand.

    Advent patience beckons. You are the lighthouse broadcasting brightness and hope to those who are tossed about in rough seas, blinded by the fog of an increasingly godless society. You must be the light and only the light. Keep that light shinning brightly whether you think anyone is guided by it or not. The actual turning of hearts is not in your hands, but God’s. The love of the Trinity only emits Love.

    • I feel a very deep sadness that is not easy to define. No doubt as of late there has a darkening within my meditations that I find are hard to discern. The timing for this dark ache is not unexpected since it has been growing to further force my actions and words towards an enemy I detest. This enemy is fear. Fear has silenced the Christian voice, fight for justice providing mercy within the realms of forgiveness and victim protection. I have sought her, Eclessia, The very bride for so long with such joy, patience, and anticipation. We, this waiting Bride, must be about the Father’s business in the simple and raw expression of love. I would trade all that I know in theology for a legacy of neighborly love. It is days like this that I feel her ache as she shivers cold, lonely, and afraid. The world seems to move too fast, never slowing to even catch her passing gaze. Hope is all I will ever have and that is sufficient for me. Slowly,my prayers are finding momentum again as I am gently nudged by the comforting words of Henri Nouwen’s ‘Inner Voice of Love’. I covet your prayers for you know me too well. I will heed your counsel and light that candle and give God my gratitude as His glory abounds before us.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you, my dear mentor, for the stones you help cement in my temple.
      And yes! Emmanuel!

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