All I ever known…


The River Calls

The love of God,
Is all I’ve ever known,
A River rushing through,
Cooling burning bones.

Life becomes this passing prayer,
This ebb and flow of souls,
Going nowhere yet everywhere,
Drowning hopes and goals.

Still, the current seeks,
What muddy waters make blind to find,
An answer, a sound, new energy,
Streaming thoughts through my mind.

Lord, Your call carries me,
Down to its slippery edge,
Where slick rocks and wet grass dare,
To leap from its daring ledge.

Today Your river calls me,
To join what cools my fire,
Engulf and drench me Lord,
Your salvation wets my desire.

When I crest light your dove upon me,
Whilst I drift through You,
Add me to the Tears of Heaven,
To baptize with the morning dew.

Today, is the day, I was made for You.

by Chris Clody


2 thoughts on “All I ever known…

  1. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Chris. I love the image of flowing waters. It captures best how I envision all of humanity moving lazily through time captured in the midst of God’s constant presence; unaware of our common connection. We are one with the river, yet oblivious of the family of which we all are a part. We are engulfed, soaked in its grace, yet often mindless of God’s presence. Would that we all stop thrashing about and let go and give in, as it were, to drowning.

    • ‘Beacon’ Clif (As per Fred in yesterday’s group email!) And sir…you are a light. Thank you for expanding the essence of this writing. I am with you regarding the ‘flowing’ waters which reminds me of Rohr when he was taught that the water must coming from a flowing source. Your words, ‘captured in the midst of Go’s presence’, offer such pleasure and a unique sense of calm. these words will challenge and stay as long they are supposed to in order to do their work in. So grateful to know a beacon on a hill. Peace dear friend!

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