Just One Question?

I find no greater peace than walking my dogs before the dawn and praying the Rosary. Today, as I entered into the imagery of Jesus carrying his cross, I was further silenced in the symbolism of the cross and its shape of a “t“. As I surrendered to the last mystery of his crucifixion, a horror and beauty only G-d could hold, I was given this question:
Was Jesus nailed to :
the poor,
*  they who mourn,
*  the meek,
*  they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
*  the merciful,
*  the pure of heart,
*  the peacemakers,
*  they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness?

Shouldn’t each plight of the latter be considered?
Who are these people? …before you answer that consider the following quote:

“I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least.”
– Dorothy Day



Become Peace,


2 thoughts on “Just One Question?

  1. Chris, I can usually trek with you but may be missing your point in this post. There seems to be three questions in which you are proposing. Was Jesus nailed to [ ]? Should each plight of the latter be considered [ ]? Who were these people { }? and by {these people} are you referring to the persecuted? I am interested to examine your ponders in the mystery of Christ crucifixion. My first response was to say Jesus was nailed to – the Will of God- (Hebrews 10:10) for the love of God, and for all those who believe. (John 3:16)

    • Beautiful replies! Sorry to keep you hanging but life got a bit busy. Back to your answers. Jesus was nailed to the will of G-d, these poetic words completely took me by storm! Awesome. My experience of that morning contemplation was visceral. The cross took on new meaning in the burdens Jesus carried towards Golgotha. Like a shepherd with a lost sheep slung around his neck, pressing into the driving winds of a storm. How far Christ has come to lift those forgotten in their suffering! Theology, even the language we quote from sacred scripture is but man’s best estimate of the capacity of Christ. His love and obedience in the body prepared for Him to reveal the immeasurable patience and mercy of Abba outshines the most pious of philosophies! the fragmatic evolution of theology that struggles to feed the curious always seems to somehow return to its vomit: man’s insatiable greed for power . I am not bitter but befuddled at how slow we move as a community when the love for the law of love is already written upon our hearts. What a patient G-d we serve. No? We in the states, with a church on every corner, can do so much more as a community led by One Spirit if we just listen to our yearning hearts. Be blessed!

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