Of Agony And Ecstasy 

The veil is thinning for my brother. As he flutters between the holy and our visible reality, his face of newfound love and the soon loss of profound hearts of family and friendship that hedges his death bed is a gift those surrounding him can but only guess.  As God allows my brother glimpses beyond the blurred window in which curiosity and faith can only wonder in witnessing one thing now evident: this face of Christ that shone upon His Mother, friends, and others. As finality approaches to the heavy tears blurring this loyal gathering for so steady a man that brought their hearts to his bedside. Truly towards my brother’s final moment- only love remains.

Love and newfound love has lifted this little world of agony and ecstasy knowing the sting of mortality has not just been numbed but conquered.

‘ Til tomorrow comes and that day we laugh again, we are with you brother, Micheal John.

His peace,



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