Love Responds

Free will avails choices. Actions wrought that pursue or reject a gentle – yet a far superior will presently equipping man’s collective concience. Actions chosen by man and responses by God led to an exile from Eden. Nevertheless, the patience of a merciful God provides a Way through repentance to temper past and future actions towards restoring Our Creator-creation relationship.

Let us push our journey one step away to…

Finding Calvary

Blinded by the Agony,
Shadowed by the Cross,
Love rushes red instinctively…
Regardless of the cost.

Mercy tramples Holy Ground,
Innocence slumps in my stead,
Sacrifice feeds crucifixion’s hounds,
Peering down where angels fear to tread.

Mortal knees collapse below,
Feet bruised, pierced, and ashen.
Great is the pity bestowed upon,
Eden’s fleshy heart turned wooden.

Independence exiles man,
Gone is God’s priority.
Left to seek God through the poor,
Repentance to rebellion becomes holy.
… for the new man strives urgently,
Anxious to become holy as God is holy.

by Chris Clody

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