Inch by Inch

Unknowingly….we are born into mission.

close up crust cutter dough

Photo by Malidate Van on

Feeble. Inert. Clinging to others in my dormition.
Slumbering unconscious. Unresponsive.
Unmoving sitting in aridity,
thirsting in ignorance,
inept to slack my thirst.
Plunged into a transforming newness I cannot comprehend.
Before a trifling bit; dead specks amongst many.
I awaken, voracious with purpose,
Pressed by imperceptible force
Compelled within walls of lingering dough,
Powerless to resist,
Yet joyfully complete,
By newfound desire,
Insatiable. I feed.
Expanding, breathing, bubbling until exhaustion.
I am rising.
I am alive.

Now I understand Bernanos:

“We have been thrown in the middle of the dough, in the middle of the multitude, as yeast; we shall conquer again, inch by inch, the Universe that sin snatched away from us. O Lord, we shall return it to you as we received it in the morning of the world, with all its order and all its sanctity”

By Chris Clody

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