From and into clay

So fragile this clay pot,
of our humanity,
chosen to carry,
this gospel’s charity.

Unworthy to possess,
My Lord’s humility,
yet commanded onward,
despite hostility.

It stills me to ponder,
this mission’s clarity,
until faith lets me see,
needful austerity.

Until faith is tested,
we’re walking aimlessly,
squandering God’s love,
outside intimacy.

Born in separation,
and condemned already,
yet grateful that my heart,
craves Jesus recklessly.

Where else can I go?
Where lead with empathy?
Because in learning self,
Shines His Identity.

Lest we’re not created,
Doubt devours certainty,
consumed in wondering,
purpose… incessantly.

Therefore, be of good cheer,
find rest in reality,
know we were made to love,
despite clay’s fragility.

Shine on!
Chris Clody