Buoyed by Grace

The burden,
Hidden from my sleeve,
Melts into a sorrow.

Liquid weight,
with each heartbeat,
Drumming for prayer.

His promise,
Unveils true reality,
Strengthening my legs,
Treading above sorrow’s abyss.

His love infuses,
Turning sorrow sweet,
Longsuffering realizes grace,
Shimmers it’s silver-lining.

Gentle Spirit,
My buoy above tears,
Baptize my heart,
For, You,
Jealous Conviction,
Eternal Love betwixt,
Father and Begotten,
Place me before,
The spear that lanced Divinity,
The saving wound,
From the Crucified’s side,
Spraying upon and through me,
His precious blood and healing water.
Dousing salvation,
Soaking in strength,
To tread
Uncountable miles,
In gratitude,
Of this gift,
Called prayer.

Chris Clody

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