A plea for solidarity,
Strengthened by The Hidden,
Convicting of us Truth,
Courage to hold the pain in,
To see diversity’s sacred Image,
Not as scapegoats of judgment,
Ridicule, and unworthy wrath.
Called to become One Body,
United in its glistening array,
Daring to believe,
Challenged to hope,
Choosing to love God.
A race sharing a DNA,
Bearing unpredictable complexity,
Glowing wonders of uniqueness,
A Creator’s Bouquet,
Always extracting to His Glory,
What humanity cannot reason,
But only trust.
Help us Spirit
Bring light to every Image,
So those blinded may see,
And Your Splendid Dignity.
Write Your Law of love,
On hearts hardened by stone Laws,
To love neighbor,
Without false Piety.
Come O Hidden God,
Spouse of the Immaculate Heart,
Gushing forth twixt Son and Father,
Unlock our black and white prisons,
Crush our counterfeit Christianity,
Give our ears proper discernment,
To hear His saving words,
Forgive them Father,
For they know not what they do!
Awaken the generations,
Adoring Mary’s Song,
…on those who fear Him.
He has shown might with His arm,
He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
He has put down the mighty from their thrones,
and has exalted the lowly.”
Help us be still,
To contemplate,
Both conceit
And the lowly.
Pour out Your Wisdom,
Stretch our narrowness,
To hold the tension of diversity,
Inspite of our limited rationale,
Beyond our thin, slippery grap of theology,
Broaden our thighs of understanding,
So we may deliver knowing, not knowledge,
Reclaiming the seed of true religion,
Breaking soil in shoots caring for widows and orphans,
Growing into an inclusive shade,
For all sinners,
Soon feasting on its fruits, wildberries of solidarity become daily bread,
wine drawn from its roots.
For truly, truly I tell you, this very tree was once cut down, dried, and offerred to us as fuel fore divine flames,
A wildfire of Christ’s burning heart of mercy for all humanity.
True faith and unadulterated Trust,
Seeks unhesitant solidarity,
Knowing we are rescued as a community,
glittering in diversity.
Come, Blessed Spirit,

By Chris Clody


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