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Ultimately, I am never alone. I realized, maybe too late in life, that the reality of God and the merits won for all at Calvary can apply to me. However long I have left will be measured by my breath I invest in enccouraging others that true life is offered from the One who makes all things new. In Christ we will rise.

This Little Light Of Mine

Today, I will be praying for you, myself, and all who believe that our hearts remain restless.  For we are not just lights but new flames of compassion willing to lay fallow injustice whenever encountered. Yea, the Kingdom is and is becoming through the yearning hands and feet of Jesus.




Of Agony And Ecstasy 

The veil is thinning for my brother. As he flutters between the holy and our visible reality, his face of newfound love and the soon loss of profound hearts of family and friendship that hedges his death bed is a gift those surrounding him can but only guess.  As God allows my brother glimpses beyond the blurred window in which curiosity and faith can only wonder in witnessing one thing now evident: this face of Christ that shone upon His Mother, friends, and others. As finality approaches to the heavy tears blurring this loyal gathering for so steady a man that brought their hearts to his bedside. Truly towards my brother’s final moment- only love remains.

Love and newfound love has lifted this little world of agony and ecstasy knowing the sting of mortality has not just been numbed but conquered.

‘ Til tomorrow comes and that day we laugh again, we are with you brother, Micheal John.

His peace,


Broken Sidewalks

Just thought I’d share a song that’s been stuck to the sticky side of my soul. Today I hear His call.


Broken Sidewalks

If I walk,
These broken sidewalks,
To find
The Christ I see,
Will You Talk,
Through Me

If I stand,
To face the powers,
That force,
Their poverty,
Will You send,
Send me

If this cross,
A gift given me,
To raise,
In front of me,
Will you walk,
With me.

You’ve captured my heart to go where you will,
Fearless with joy and awestruck when still,
Your Kingdom appears when love is fulfilled,
Lord, make holy my Heart when bridges are built,
I’ll follow you Jesus, wherever you will.
I’ll follow you Jesus, wherever you will.

Give me strength,
Spirit rise in me,
And shine,
Your love through me,
Spread Your hope,
Through me.

Now I see,
You’re all around me,
I am,
Your pierced hands and feet,
Your mercy,
Inspires me.

By Chris Clody

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Good Sister


Good Sister,
Despite the eclipse of your happiness,
Light shines upon the humble soul,
Allowing your brokenness special healing,
With gratitude wrought anew within the heart,
Where inexhaustible courage dampens,
Your resounding echoes of fear,
If you just believe.
If you trust the glow of indescribable peace,
As you partake in profound love,
Hastened by charity to draw near,
Without hesitation,
With new strength,
Straining to touch this thread of joy,
Where only faith reaches,
Just past the end of yourself,
Drawn by God’s flame,
Encouraging to rest in humility,
Warming your beautiful heart,
Of yours – my good sister, Danielle.


I love you,

Whilst Standing On One Foot…


“Hillel, if not now when?”
To every man an answer,
Whilst he stands on one foot.
Are the ligaments of religion,
tighter than the Lord’s love and mercy?
This very One who helps us with the Spirit’s grace,
Who frees us from sin,
Save us,
To rise again?
Yea, is not even the holy Sabbath,
Not subject to the merciful works of Passover?
Dare we unbind the burial wrappings,
That suffocate the oppressed,
Blessing the poor, mournful, and meek,
Those thirsting to drink righteousness,
The patient peacemakers,
The compassion of the merciful,
Giving blinding light to the hidden merciful lamps,
and salve for those persecuted stripes?
Have we forgotten Shema,
Or fallen within the choking thorns?
Have we neglected to slowly chew our portion;
Neglecting study for Sunday’s fast food?
When did the narrow door widen?
O’ where dear friend is your restlessness?
Has the Flame that sets fire to this world,
Been doused to smoking embers of blind satisfaction?
Are we ready to give up our Ghost?
Will the water and blood pouring from our sides be tepid?
Will we walk the shame of contradiction,
Lifting high a cross our Lord adores,
or become unmarked graves men walk upon?
Let us be bold to anoint another with our joy,
Leaving behind faith’s thumbprints,
Drenching our love with true oil of gladness.
Let us become strong towers,
Founded upon a disregarded cornerstone,
Placing atop the light of Spirit and Truth,
As a beacon of the Lord’s love and mercy!
Truly, truly we hear the whisper within us,
“Hillel, if not now when?”
Become Mercy dear friend,
A new channel of love.

Peace I leave. Chris


By Chris Clody

**Title and poem inspired by Hillel: If Not Now, When? (Jewish Encounters Series) Hardcover – September 14, 2010
by Joseph Telushkin

God Set Free


Invitations rain from religious cattle cars,
Streaking by those deservingly scourged,
A hurricane awaits within the shamed,
Silent, patient, and longsuffering.

Outside the waiting storm,
Blind anxiety gorges upon popularity,
Another brick box to secure an ism,
Another wall.
Another reason.

Without vulnerability or need,
Love has no home,
Yet…freedom crouches,
Fearless of shame,
Unhesitant towards need,
Bounding walls of reason,
Rescuing saddened souls
from society’s jailer.

Love shares no vanity,
Hope warms the tummy,
Faith becomes visible,
Hidden flowers bloom,
Community erupts,
Realizing the Image within,
Is living in our midst.
Then, God is set free.

By Chris Clody

Just One Question?

I find no greater peace than walking my dogs before the dawn and praying the Rosary. Today, as I entered into the imagery of Jesus carrying his cross, I was further silenced in the symbolism of the cross and its shape of a “t“. As I surrendered to the last mystery of his crucifixion, a horror and beauty only G-d could hold, I was given this question:
Was Jesus nailed to :
the poor,
*  they who mourn,
*  the meek,
*  they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
*  the merciful,
*  the pure of heart,
*  the peacemakers,
*  they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness?

Shouldn’t each plight of the latter be considered?
Who are these people? …before you answer that consider the following quote:

“I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least.”
– Dorothy Day



Become Peace,