Soul Kingdom

My soul has a kingdom,
For which its designed,
A field of green pasture,
In repentance it finds.

It buries a treasure,
At night; deep in this field,
A place purchased in love,
For a harvest God yields.

My soul for His kingdom,
His kingdom for my soul,
Found through the narrows,
Where Heaven’s light unfolds.

The journey is endless,
Bearing life’s vissitudes,
Balancing the tensions,
And our sin dare delude.

Still, it is knowing joy,
Flush in awe and wonder,
Encouraging our return,
Not the distant thunder.

Albeit, slow going,
My soul counts not the cost,
This walk of justice,
From the womb to the cross.

For Christ too came to seek,
Not righteous but sinners,
Who repent in their offer,
Their greatest of treasures.

For every hardship,
Even persecution,
My soul’s one desire,
Its Master’s redemption.

“O Lord! I love You! My soul is on fire!”

By Chris Clody