To Glimpse Through Favored Eyes….

20120330-053906I have one resolution for the coming year … to truly ‘see’. No, I’m not blind – but certainly distracted.  My hope, is actually a singular prayer.  In my ever evolving perception of my faith, a Catholic by birth and now more so by choice. Yet, I am still a restless, stumbling pilgrim in the dusk of grasping the ‘whys’ of my God-Hero.  I’m quite sure I will never fully understand the definition of Divine love whether framed in compassion or pity, it simply is a mystery I choose to carry joyfully on my sleeve.   However, in regards to ‘seeing’, I want to see my Redeemer, through the eyes, ears, touch, heart and soul of His mother.  I realize this may be just…too…’Catholic’…for some of you that read my following prayer.  I get that…and expect that.  However your understanding plumbs the true intentions of my particular Christian expression, I want you to simply consider how Christ honored His mother, on earth and in Heaven.  My prayer to Mary, holds the same loving intentions I have for my own mom, the only person on the planet who knew me like know other…

Again, I cannot grasp the capacity of The Uncreated One I know as Messiah.  My dimness that attempts to focus on the ‘why’ He chose to enter our human history the way He did, especially through a favored a 14 year old virgin.  This same woman whom in all our written revelations of God was the only person greeted by an angel as being ‘full of grace’. Yep, that’s a lot of grace!

Certainly we all are beautiful puzzle pieces formed by God.  Not only are we lovingly designed to fit together, but add our beautiful uniqueness to create a masterpiece called community.  I pray I get to see the ‘why’ we all fit together in this new year.  However, today would you join me and consider a particular puzzle piece in our human history; Mary, the Mother of God.

imagesmarystatueface (1)

O Mary,
Mother of God
My Mystical Rose,
Help me, protect me, and come to my aid.
Mother of my hope and salvation,
Show me the Light you share,
Shining forth from the Holy fruit you bore.
O Sweet and Loving Virgin, hear my prayer.

Mother of Perpetual Help,
Console me in my time of need,
Let me see the joy through your eyes,
To gaze upon your Lord and Son,
With open eyes of renewed faith,
Let me see the victory He has won.

Gracious mirror of my justice,
Shining Morning Star,
Favored Gate of Heaven,
Endless is my debt to your humble ‘yes’,
For resplendent is my Lord’s Vessel of Honor,
Ever- immaculate are you, Gate of Heaven.
From which all generations are blessed.

Mother of Son and Sorrows,
Magnificent House of Gold,
Virgin Most Prudent,
Virgin Most Venerable,
Virgin Most Merciful,
Virgin Most Faithful,
Holy Mary,
Hear my prayer.

By Chris Clody 12/2714

Here’s to ‘seeing’ through the New Yea.

His Peace,