Heaven Can’t Wait

There’s a world I’m not part of and I’d bet if your playing facebook right now, then neither are you. There is a coldness my bones have never felt, a hunger I’ve never known, and a loneliness I cannot comprehend.

Then there is a young girl I’ve come to know.

I’ve yet to see her face but my prayers are soaked by her tears. Maybe someday I’ll share the extraordinary particulars about a woman’s impossible triumph against her slavery and brutality forced upon her innocence. Maybe. Yet something strongly tells me I can’t even go there. Now a source of maternal light and hope, this woman is also a mother. It is the ache within her heart that holds Heaven – her daughter. My prayers are stretching and now my clock ticks ever more slowly throughout the night wondering of Heaven. She knows nothing of me. I’ve only been mercifully tasked to pray for both of these incredible and valuable woman. Everything in my world has lost its shine except love. Heaven’s weight and wait extends beyond ceaseless thoughts of charity and mercy that I can’t reach. My world must be deconstructed to enter Heaven’s Kingdom. I’m grateful my eyes have not dimmed nor my heart weakened to approach whatever steps love will lead me. For now, I’ll simply send her a warm, soft blanket to let her know she is profoundly loved by the same Who salts my tears.

Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth is not what she expected…

Sirens blaze throughout the night,
Angry words crash outside her door,
Clinging to a dirty pillow,
Dirty clothes carpet floors.

Beer cans kicked on cracked sidewalks,
By high-heeled shoes in tiger print,
Momma vanishes inside a car,
Smelling soon of cologne and gum mint.

Heaven must wait till midnight,
To eat the cold pizza Momma brings,
Her belly grumbles at the thought,
Distracted; she hears a cricket sing.

She falls asleep within blue and red rays,
Just the faintest of hue dancing on waves,
The beams cross to form a warm purple,
Singing a song, to be brave…

Be patient my little one,
I am the wind in your dreams,
I hold your heart so close to mine,
I direct the warmth of all sunbeams.
You are not alone Bakhita,
You name is ‘favored one’.
I’ll take the fear within you now,
And burn it in the sun.
Know that I am with you always,
In songs little things sing,
Be brave my little child…”
Heaven awakes – when her cell phone rings.

“Momma’s comin’ home, Heavy baby, you hungry?”
A sleepy whisper, “Yes, Momma, I’zz soooo hungry,”
“Sounds like your singing Heavy?”
“I dream happy Momma. I dream happy.”

Momma enters her dirty room,
Smelling of cologne and mint,
Purple glints from neon lights,
Heaven’s eyes sparkles Momma’s lament.

Momma begins to hum Heaven’s song,
She gathers Heaven to her breast,
“No more baby, I’ve done you wrong,”
A cricket sings as Heaven’s blessed.

By Chris Clody

Sand Script

cross(3)While reciting the Sorrowful mysteries during a slow walk with my two dogs this morning, I realized in my contemplation of His dragging of His cross, Christ was once again writing in the sand. Unlike His previous finger scribbles in the sand to convince a self-righteous mob of their sins, He now uses a rugged beam to gouge a torturous line to Calvary’s hill of horror. To most affected by gravity, the second message can be seen mostly from above. My thought again is of one through His mother’s tender gaze. Her view is a laser to each tear, bruise, or sputum quickly covering His innocent skin. Her sight is also panoramic to the silent tears of followers joining a gauntlet of people who range from the curious to hateful. She follows the writing of God. He, the Word, writes unhesitatingly a single line, the “I”, seen only by His heavenly Father and now His earthly mother. Soon the very eyes that see this sand script will encourage generations now called blessed. Seeing Christ with such intense intimacy will soon reveal to disciples the spear of sorrow that pierces the soul.
Will you, could you, pick up your cross and follow this line…

His Peace,

Our History of Wonder

Born To Please


Unaware yet born to please,
Shedding blood in greed and fear,
Two wills, one selfish and one to appease,
Serving two masters is doubly clear
Divinity patiently waits to join us here.

Burning without destroying, man is drawn,
Confused by how this could appear,
Barefoot steps tremble on legs of a fawn,
The Irresistible orders Moses to lead on.
Ending man’s innate question with more to think upon.

Aware and finding reason to please,
A scapegoat is devised to lay their sins upon,
Yet power corrupts due to man’s disease
Laying law upon law, love is soon gone,
Replaced by our will serving our need,
Doubting even The Ten that convicts of our greed.

Undaunted and untamed, Emmanuel borrows skin,
Fragile and human, Jesus comes to feed,
Giving Himself as food for forgotten sin,
The Christ of God breaks Death’s final grin,
The grave once greedy cannot hold resurrection win.
Grace and peace, by loving God and neighbor begins.

Keys are given atop of a rock,
One day to surrender and led by an enemy’s whim,
Purity is from dross The Spirit continues the stock,
In spite of Power, soon time forgets and corruption begins,
Saints are sent while the encourage the true flock,
Laws upon laws, the slumbering are loyal yet God is mocked.

Still hope remains in the trusting souls,
Whose trust surrendered to their Redeemer’s knock,
Fearlessly led by the Anointed’s beatific goal,
Inexpressible joy is given when we relinquish control,
Loving God through our neighbor in forgiving revolt,
Until that Day of Wrath, when the Lamb pours out the bowls,

Yet, despite pious boast, regret will cover those who condemn,
Those unjustly shamed and discarded Christ collects from another fold,
For Heaven is not a room to secure to which we ascend,
But true community that weds a Groom who willingly descends.
The Bride’s “I do” is our present ‘Amen.”

By Chris Clody 5/9/15

Beyond The Veil of Pain – Love Walks With Me.

So many of my friends, from the young to old, navigate unknown paths dragging a burden that compromises their reality with such grace. Some paths are growing thinner, overgrown, and uphill – yet they have become more nimble, more courageous, imparting peace within themselves and our empathy. True empathy allows the Christ in family and friends to bear up shoulder-to-shoulder, lifting the cross and lightening the load for the ones we love. Lift high our crosses and love someone!

This Cross


My Lord what cross
have you prepared for me,
that I should lift
this opportunity?
Dare I follow
with this weight above me?
Jesus, Savior!
Now I’m yoked to thee,
A lighter load,
As we trudge hopefully,
Despite the pain,
suffering sets me free,
Because I share,
with You, and You with me.
No longer fear,
rules my mortality,
For by Your cross,
and death, You rose for me.
Thank you Jesus,
For this cross you’ve given me.

Fear’s thin veil,
now torn, I see –
this Love that sets us free


by Chris Clody 2/2/2015

In Him We Rise,

The Hopeful Heart

dontgiveupThe heart that beats alone in Christ, transformed in trust, glorifies its God of mercy with a humble yet fearless hope. Knowing that Our omnipotent Jesus abandoned His throne to save our exiled souls through the contradiction of the cross, a merit conquering countless sorrows, quickens new charity from deep within. Banished is despair, the very foretaste of Hell from each new creation in Christ. Therefore, let us rise and allow Mercy’s light, life, love, and warmth pervade our ever-growing community of gratitude.

In Him we rise,

Blessed Hope

Blessed Hope



Blessed Mystery that holds me captive,

Grant me courage to call Your Name,

Brace me Lord, set my face like flint,

Sufficient is the Grace that sustains,

For Your love is my only claim.


Jesus, gentle, beautiful, and true,

Lift this man from my shame,

Wash my in your victory,

Joyfully through You I became,

A sinner saved and cleansed from blame.


Jesus, Savior, forever blessed,

Take me to your Father’s flame,

Alight my heart with the Spirit’s love,

And glorify this soul You reclaimed,

Forever safe within Your reign.



By Chris Clody 4/3/14




Stepping Out in Faith

…while plunging into fear. 

Courage begins with a first step.

Whether they were the cowardly lion’s first paw print onto the yellow brick road, or those darkening the doorway of an alcoholic’s first AA meeting, or the 343 dusty pairs of boots belonging to the NYFD that never returned from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, each step drew from an infused reserve.  Courageous decisions are the given ability to withdraw the necessary bravery invested from years of smaller choices that test our character wrought from genuine love of both God and neighbor.  Although we may spend years dipping our toes testing the water, we do so knowing one day… sink, swim or walk…we will step out of that boat and confront the depths of our fears.   For some women, it may be the slow road of regaining confidence in oneself and in another before possibly committing again to a trusting relationship with a man despite the violence and betrayal experienced in her last relationship.  The crack addict knows there is no bottom to their fears and the hopeful freedom from addiction just may ascend like an air bubble as they sink deeper and deeper into the cold, dark depths. Whether it’s the abused, the addicted or St. Peter – fear burdens all.   Encouragement doesn’t lighten the first, heavy steps towards hope, it strengthens them.  Jesus stands outside the boat beckoning all from atop the water into His soul-building program exercising God’s will of faith, hope and charity.  Encouragement stills us to the point of epiphany that we walk by faith… even on top of water.  Therefore, let us recognize the power in our words and their ability to strengthen weary legs burdened by fear.  If necessary, use words to spread the gospel of hope to the embattled confidence of those wounded by regret.   Fear and regret must be abandoned for true life born in forgiveness.   There is only one source of this life and it beckons all who have ears to hear His invitation.  Today, help someone know that the power of forgiveness is available to those able to step out in faith when Jesus says,”Come!”

His Peace,



He Beckons Me


He beckons me…constantly.

To walk above my fears.

Dare to be free…fearlessly.

To take one step from here,

Just…one…step from here.


Regrets become weightless,

Walking in His power,

Drawn to His forgiveness,

Where death is soon devour’d.


Salt stings my wounds…incess’ntly,

My faith weakens to fears.

I cry for Him…desperately,

To raise me up from here,

Lord…raise me from here.


Once again I’m weightless,

And held like a flower.

Delicate and precious,

Knowing peace cannot sour.


Returning to the boat,

Until He calls me home.

Encouraged once again,

To face the fierce sea-foam.


….’cause still He beckons me.


© 2011 by Chris Clody 5/9/11



What makes Christianity uncomfortable to you? 

Does it take courage to have faith?