Beautiful Little One

My Beautiful little child,
Be brave as the hope your Mommy has,
Hold Daddy’s hand and lift a smile,
Doctors and nurses will be new friends,
And home will be this hospital for a while.

Gentle touches of love a care,
Will soothe your tears into rest,
Drifting softly hugging teddy bear,
God and angels ever present,
Called by many gathered in prayer.

Margot, teach teddy how to pray,
Press his furry paws together,
Let all the noises fade away,
For I left an angel by the door,
With smiling eyes that never stray,
Who hums your favorite lullaby,
Just for you, every minute of every day.

We love you little one.

Love Chris 7/23/21

Color stock photo of a little runaway girl holding an old teddy bear at the side of a dirt road in the rural country.