Lost and Found

He pines…
A sense of unrequited love,
Never truly realizing,
The omniscience,
And patient,
Ever beckoning,
Of the first love,
He never knew.

Ever devolving,
With Alzheimer’s mistress,
Searching for connections,
Stumbling to fight,
Medication’s fog,
Squinting for a memory,
Of a sense of home,
Clutching to
an ever-spinning compass.

He is not “lost”,
Within this long goodbye,
Unbeknownst to,
Family and caretakers,
Sterile halls and white-jackets,
He is being brought back,
Back in time,
Through the fruit of his,
Hard work,
Love of family,
Want of justice,
Back, back…
To his baptism,
Where he will find,
True love
To gather him in,
And one fine day,
carry him home.

Chris Clody