Letting Love Go


Standing at the precipice
Fear and doubt are heavy clothes.
Despite the warmth they provide
Grace weathers skin that shows.
My creeping tan pushed by the sun
Soon proves too hot for my heavy woes.
Letting go I’m lighter and convinced
Standing naked within the heaven’s glow;
Love, IT’s intoxicating essence,
Plumbs the heart and soul beyond below,
Whilst grief’s juggernaut of heartache
Tears from me the love that I know…
“God!” I scream, “How is this love!”
“Why can’t I see these blessings bestowed?!”
Crumpling in disbelief- I fall still and silent,
Realizing the love already gone must be let go,
The question of ‘how’ dissolves into ‘why’…
Knowing love has ‘happened’ and understanding grows,
And the chance for love reflects the image within,
Still… we grieve in unpredictable waves, even though,
The piece torn from me is new light that glows,
And glows…and glows.

Be not afraid Grandma… for God knows…

His Peace,
His Love,
His Blessings,

Mercy’s Riddle

The way to God is down, through our mistakes…not up through spiritual elitism and perfection.  Spiritual poverty is the joy in not taking ourselves too seriously.Therefore the mere concept of Divine Mercy leaves us puzzled and bankrupt in this return on God’s investment.  There is nothing that God offers as a gift that can find hospitality within our ego despite the soul’s yearnful immersion into it. The answer to this divine riddle is not simply accepting our imperfection, but embracing it as diversity, as community, as one body alive and awake.

Mercy’s Riddle

Naked and battered,
Hope’s crushing loss,
Death claims victory,
Pegged to a cross.
The soul understands,
This contradiction,
Ego fails to grasp,
Victory’s Passion.
Heaven’s inheritance,
Is riddled through mercy,
The last shall be first,
Incarnates humility.

by Chris Clody 6/19/15

All is well, All is well…

CANDLE_hopeFaith. A will to believe where there is doubt. Unreliable as data to the five senses and lacks evidence.  It is a blind belief in a darkened understanding that is dazzled by a light that ascends any known light.  Nevertheless, our yearning to be home drawn by this light irritates our logical understandings.  God, who completely understands Himself, leaves creation blind yet hungry for His intimate creative mysteries.  Remarkably it is faith that helps only the humble ‘see’ an understanding of His Presence.  However, knowledge of the Divine,  is simply a gift He alone spoon-feeds the humble hungry.  Stay hungry my friends.

All is Grace


O Faith,
O veil,
O Infinite One,
To You,
I seek,
then I start to run,
For Night…
Has come.

I seek a light,
That ascends all light,
For now I know,
Everything is grace,
All a gift…
in my sight.

O Night,
Of Faith,
The blackest of depths,
I trod,
’cause You never left,
My soul,
Now blest.

All is grace,
All is well,
…All is well

by Chris Clody 4/11/15

Spiritual Things

Spiritual Things

How can one understand spiritual things,
When they fail to house the Spirit within.

The words they hear pelt them like sand that stings,
Threatened, they attack some concept called sin,
Desperately thrashing like fish without fins.

Furious doubts arise like wayward bubbles,
Spewed from darkened depths of their perdition.
Blind to the pride that conceals their troubles,
Their mind grows dim like a murky puddle.

Pride wars with the first love they never knew,
Even their soul they seek to uncouple,
Still – Love prays that humility breaks through.

Even though time grows old it’s still a gift,
To rudder their course from hopeless adrift,
Repentance awaits God’s Light that is swift,
If only humility would dare to exist.

©2012 by Chris Clody 5/8/2012

Please pray that rebellious hearts will become restless hearts for God.

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