Vigil of Hope

For now, Saturday, the flickering candle is our timepiece.  Today we see and hear nothing but the silence intended for the prayerful. From 3 pm yesterday till now, the word ‘forsaken’ has gathered great momentum and space within our minds.  We are left bracing ourselves unaware tomorrow trades joy for our ashes.  Emmanuel!


Son of Man

Crowned and striped,
For all to see,
Son of God,
Nailed to a tree,
Sweet Jesus have mercy on me.

A new wine,
Pours from His wounds,
Giving His all,
Embracing doom,
His last exhale becomes perfume.

He’s Taken down,
His body wrapped,
Our God is dead,
Becomes a fact.
Sweet Jesus dies for what I lack.

Wait! Something new,
A barren tomb,
He has risen!
Returning soon,
Seen as Conqueror or Bridegroom.

Friend and brother,
Prophet, Priest, and King,
Heir of all things,
The Word of God,
The Good Shepherd.
Light of the World,
The Prince of Peace,
Help me forgive,
Those I love the least.
Sweet Jesus, have mercy on me!

By Chris Clody

What Child is This?


What child is this?
Wrapped in strips of poverty? Comforted only by the warm breast of his mother. The cold silence returns after the echoes from heavenly choirs fade. Left is the quiet crackle of a small fire, anxious looks, and muffled conversation. What need has entered our history, our country, our community, our family, our very personal life?

Why this child?
Why is God among us? A mother’s secret warms her miracle. A husband’s dream lingers in both confidence and doubt.

How?!!! His faith, his awe, his love for wife and God quiets his slippery doubt.

When will this given son save us?

The what, how, why, and when God steps out through the in door of time confronts our sanity with an unexpected offer of security. A security that conquers fear by fearlessness, hate by loving those we love the least, loneliness through charitable sacrifice, and peace through inescapable monologues of prayer. The chance to adopt this child within ourselves is presented to us in every second, of every minute, of every day. If the eyes are the windows to the soul then what do you see staring into the eyes of baby Emmanuel?

O Come Emmanuel

Gazing into the eyes,
God’s impossible promise has begun,
Needful, cold, and crying,
A virgin nurses a begotten son.

O come Emmanuel,
My soul cries out what I cannot fathom,
Do I need a Savior?
A man born to die for such a ransom…

O come Emmanuel,
My desperate soul sings ever louder,
This love song warms my will,
Humility replaces the prouder.

O come Emmanuel!
I now know the first love I never knew,
Becoming this child,
Because of this One who makes all things new!

By Chris Clody

May this hope be born within – Merry Christmas!

Our History of Wonder

Born To Please


Unaware yet born to please,
Shedding blood in greed and fear,
Two wills, one selfish and one to appease,
Serving two masters is doubly clear
Divinity patiently waits to join us here.

Burning without destroying, man is drawn,
Confused by how this could appear,
Barefoot steps tremble on legs of a fawn,
The Irresistible orders Moses to lead on.
Ending man’s innate question with more to think upon.

Aware and finding reason to please,
A scapegoat is devised to lay their sins upon,
Yet power corrupts due to man’s disease
Laying law upon law, love is soon gone,
Replaced by our will serving our need,
Doubting even The Ten that convicts of our greed.

Undaunted and untamed, Emmanuel borrows skin,
Fragile and human, Jesus comes to feed,
Giving Himself as food for forgotten sin,
The Christ of God breaks Death’s final grin,
The grave once greedy cannot hold resurrection win.
Grace and peace, by loving God and neighbor begins.

Keys are given atop of a rock,
One day to surrender and led by an enemy’s whim,
Purity is from dross The Spirit continues the stock,
In spite of Power, soon time forgets and corruption begins,
Saints are sent while the encourage the true flock,
Laws upon laws, the slumbering are loyal yet God is mocked.

Still hope remains in the trusting souls,
Whose trust surrendered to their Redeemer’s knock,
Fearlessly led by the Anointed’s beatific goal,
Inexpressible joy is given when we relinquish control,
Loving God through our neighbor in forgiving revolt,
Until that Day of Wrath, when the Lamb pours out the bowls,

Yet, despite pious boast, regret will cover those who condemn,
Those unjustly shamed and discarded Christ collects from another fold,
For Heaven is not a room to secure to which we ascend,
But true community that weds a Groom who willingly descends.
The Bride’s “I do” is our present ‘Amen.”

By Chris Clody 5/9/15

Whom Have You Seen, O Shepherds?

incarnation2Awe.  Wonder. Fear.  Regardless of the order or if felt all at once, the shepherds and possibly unknown others awakened by the supernatural events coinciding with the birth of Christ, certainly stood mesmerized casting shadows in the night.   Surely if God felt people did not love Him because they couldn’t see Him then they would have no excuse now.   There are seven words that continue to still me:  “Word made flesh for love of us.” Ironically, His very name, “Word”, given to the now visible Son of God, was intentionally born hidden as a small, needful, and inarticulate babe.  However the shallow blush of irony that thinly veils this indescribable charity now awakens our contemplation with awe, wonder, and fear.  The brightest of Heaven’s glory shown in the tangible charity of a newborn allowing God’s depthless love to speak infinite volumes through the now resting silence of the Word.  There is a sweetness in silence… to be still and know He is God. Find a moment to hold that silence in your heart and allow the awe, wonder, and fear that same shining moment when it split the night sky over 2000 years ago.

Merry Christmas friends,

O Shepherds


Shadows hide from Glory’s light,
Hillsides splashed by Heaven’s glow,
A burning star splits the night,
Fearful eyes gaze from below,
God made flesh to few that know…

O Shepherds, whom have you seen?
What did your hearts undergo?
Has God now stepped in between,
Laws of men and Love supreme?

Tell me what the angels said,
and of these glorious streams?
Why have tears of joy been shed?
O Shepherds, whom have you seen?

Emmanuel has lit the night,
Has proved His Love to be with us!
Hiding Heaven within a babe,
Awaking hearts to newfound trust.

God is Love and lives with us.

by Chris Clody 12/24/2013

Thinking of that Silent Night…


Shivering in the Night

A baby shivers,
A mother glows.
Emanuel’s light,
Falls like snow.
Hope soon covers,
Wherever God’s felt,
Warming iced egos,
In pools of snow melt.
Come Emmanuel,
Enter from the cold,
Rest in faith’s warmth,
And glow within this soul.

©2012 by Chris Clody 12/7/2012

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God Uninvited

 He arrived by prophecy yet not by invitation.  Although civilization marks time by His birth, many don’t give Him the time of day.  

Unwelcome and misunderstood by a world created through Him.  Incorruptible flesh born outside expected comforts and care.  The center of our cosmos and human history humbles all egos by a newborn’s cry.  Swaddled, vulnerable and completely dependent – He cries in the wilderness.  His cry is but a whisper, a passing sound of need in our spinning realities that give some pause while many ignore.  His love conquers an impossible mission while revealing the One that sent Him.  He reveals the One that completes our hearts and draws our soul if we but trust in child-like wonder of His presence.   He encourages all to put flesh to our charity so that our very words become love incarnate to neighbors in need of it. 

The spirit of Christmas is not simply of seasonal giving but rather a deep sense of awe of being profoundly loved… even to the point of redemption.    As Mary provided milk to the bread of mankind’s search for true life, Christmas awakens our hearts and opens our ears to embracing perfect love.  As we unwrap ourselves from the binds of distraction to experience God’s presence, make sure you step outside and listen for the echo of that faint cry in the chilly night air.

Emmanuel! Christ has come!

His Peace,


God Uninvited

Incarnation shivers,
In a newborn’s cry.
Exhausted travelers –
Warm a cave nearby.

Angels! Trumpets! Singing!
Fill the night-time sky.
Thunderstruck and trembling,
Shepherds wonder why.

God comes uninvited,
Despite the prophecies.
Redemption’s Living Bread,
Feed the few who believe.

Christmas begs the question,
“Do you hear His cry?”
What is your decision –
Accept or deny?

God’s invitation has no middle ground
Incarnate bears Love, perfect and profound.
His gift of faith sees  – as far as it can see,
Patiently awaits…  ‘neath your Christmas tree.

©2011 by Chris Clody 12/21/11


Emmanuel, “God with us,” is the true undertone of Christmas.  What does the “Spirit” of Christmas mean to you?

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I Still Believe…



I Still Believe


When a loved one’s dimming eyes fade to glaze,

Dare I look beyond what I grieve?

When the single mother works endless days,

Just to portion crumbs she receives.

When depravity crushes piety,

And mocks the cost that set them free-

Through quiet tears I still believe…


For Emmanuel is with me always,

Shoulder to shoulder Mercy cleaves.

Admitting higher are His thoughts and ways,

Surrendering, I still believe.


If Christless wills are judged then turned away,

Grant me Your will to set me free.

Pluck this un-bloomed from a prideful bouquet,

For a manger this Christmas Eve.


Emmanuel… I still believe.



 ©2011 by Chris Clody 12/13/11



As the Christmas season begins to flourish, let’s courageously bloom wherever God sees fit to plant us.   I pray we all come to a fuller understanding of the consequence of God’s will in our lives, both temporary and eternal, so that the pain of life’s stolen joys have no legacy in the freedom God invites us to.  Emmanuel!

His Peace,


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