Come and Follow Me


Come and Follow Me

Let the dead bury their dead,
Under gifts and praises for each other,
Let delusions of grandeur,
Build gods and blessings to one another.

Love prays for your repentance,
Just to let Me meet you at your level,
Truth herds in new family,
Mercy washes saints and quenches rebels.

Those in need of My mercy,
Will carve humility into hearts of greed,
Vanquish darkness with my Light,
So each may see beauty in dying seeds.

‘Come back to Me’ is My song,
That background mantra you hear in your dreams
A song of hope just for you,
A light of faith to see what cannot be seen.

Will you come and follow me,
And let Me hold you once again?
A new Joy I’ll make in you,
Taste forgiveness in my ransom,
For I came just for you,
Come and follow Me,
Let My cross make you free,
Come and follow me.

by Chris Clody

Fulfilling Diversity

The Call Of Love


Yes, we were born to fall,
Yet designed to hold each other up,
Although complete as individuals,
We’re drops filling God’s overflowing cup,
Small moments of eternity,
Rippling rings of charity,
Without regret,
Or guarantee.

Except for one…

You were formless ‘til spoken of,
Yet before, before… thought of,
Understood beyond what you know of,
Therefore forgiveness awaits all who love,
Living in diversity,
As family,
Not enemy.

Love is calling you and me.

By Chris Clody 5/28/2015