Christian Porn…


If we dared to dip more of our big toe into the cool, clear waters of G-d’s love we may never experience the depth of transformation our Savior can offer.  Through out my neighborhood, I’m encouraged yet pensive by seeing the little “You Matter” signs advertising a local big, box church.  Certainly the love of G-d for every Image-bearer is inexhaustible.  This type of keen marketing has led to building multiple sites with many satisfied attendees.  Yet bad theology is no different from self-serving pornography objectifying the mission of Christ without chancing the intimacy of experiencing His relationship with the marginalized. The blood sacrifice hyped from the popular mainstream pulpits or stages, has left nothing for the hearer to do but be joyful and grateful.  Joy and gratitude are wonderful psychological building blocks for a healthy mind.  Both add a sense of patience and positivity to a friendly perspective. Was obtaining a state of joy and gratitude the reason for sending a Savior?

Is there more than “You Matter”?

What does it mean to be a disciple? What does G-d really envision for our lives? What really is the “purpose driven” life? Is scripture more than an inspirational tool that ingratiates a selfish sense of self-piety wrapped in the white-washed sheets of self worth and gratitude? …but “You Matter”?

Instead of the false cloaks of “spiritual awareness” and vanity of “gifts”, what if we wrapped ourselves in what we profess as sin?  What if we became that sin you find worthy for the heat of Hell and pleaded for forgiveness? Seriously…”You Matter”!

Good theology finds true freedom to fearlessly protest the oppression of any Image-bearer of G-d. Pick your favorite hatred or prejudice, button-up, and become one with those you despise.  Plead for their forgiveness even when they do not understand. Becoming at-one with atonement theory allows the curious disciple to plumb the depth of the final plea from a crucified Messiah; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”

If your religion has an obsession with purity codes or vices that justify a Hell for the sinners they envy… run.

If only joy and gratitude from hearing such a “wonderful message” fill your Sundays…run.

If your hear a message that ‘cuts to the heart’… stay.

Unless we are moved to spew more than a “good word“, we will only cool the big toe of our curiosity.  We must realize John 3:16 builds the mind and soul towards the new freedom without fear – even that of persecution or death. Unless we become wrapped in our neighbor’s oppression we will cheat ourselves of ever knowing a G-d willing to bleed for us! Otherwise the cross is just a murderous, Roman tool of fear void of any meaning of our Father’s scandalous love for the Image we bear.

Its not about you. Fearlessness Matters.

“I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace.
In the world you face persecution.
But take courage; I have conquered the world!”
John 16:33


Freedom Has No Fear


Although I am still taking a break from facebook and even writing, I suddenly felt compelled to offer a simple prayer this morning.  I realize this prayer will post to social media so if I don’t respond feel no offense since I will be returning to the quiet.

Be a blessing to one another.



Your Ways O Lord

Righteous are Your ways O Lord,
Precious are Your gifts,
Mercy warms my soul to see,
Through the wounds You gave to me.
To where can I run O Lord,
For Your breath fills my world,
You hold horizons in Your hands,
And Your Sacred Heart pressed close to me.
Lead me Lord into the mist,
For fear has never held me.
Sift me Father if You must,
And burn the chaff that falls from me,
Blind me in my darkest nights,
Set adrift in raging seas,
Poor in Spirit sings its humble song,
Father make You whole in me.

By Chris Clody

Another Victim Of Mercy

What I’ve Become


I cannot undo what I’ve become,
As if changed by a fire’s rage,
Dare I betray God’s begotten Son,
The One whom angels praise,
When Grace has left me awed and amazed?

I cannot forget the wonders I’ve seen,
As if it was some lost, blank page,
How can I leave love alone and demeaned,
Realizing it’s despair’s only vaccine.

I will not tempt the foretaste of Hell,
Chancing misery void of Mercy,
For action is the new story I must tell,
And love whatever Christ compels.

For without love all is lost,
Like liberty without its vict’ry bell,
or silence in the choir loft.

Faith in action is what I must become,
A mender to my sister’s broken net,
A brother in arms when need awaits,
An honest discussion without regrets,
A forgiver to fallen human traits,
Knowing when I forgive my God forgets,

No, I cannot undo what I’ve become,
Now that I’m fearless to return to where I’ve came from.

…Merciful Father accept this sinner saved through Your Son.


By Chris Clody 11/4/14

Finding Hope, Finding Home.

My Refuge

You’re my ocean. My endless sea,
My beacon burning bright.
My refuge, my soul drawn by thee,
Love has found the better me.

You’re my way home, my hope of mercy;
My soul’s Jerusalem.
My harbor, my endless safety,
Love transforms You’re will in me.

Eternal font,
Mercy Divine,
Turn You’re glance to me.
Holy Father, Son and Spirit,
Shine Your light and love on me.

Let my confessions dress my humility – Jesus live in me.


By Chris Clody 10/17/2014

Your Table

Your Table


Drawn by the Father to Your table,
Blind to Your glory hidden within,
Yet through eyes of faith I soon tremble,
Knowing the price you paid for my sin –
With hands held open I say “Amen.”

Like a drop absorbed by the ocean,
Body and soul freely forgiven,
Through bread and wine I taste Your Passion,
My heart sings with renewed devotion.

Lord, help me become new bread and wine,
To give of myself without ration,
Loving with heart, body, soul and mind.
Extend through me Your true compassion.

The Father pulls me closer,
Through You I’ll see His beauty,
Take this heart, Sweet Redeemer,
Guard it and make it holy.

Now I see You in the bread I eat,
In the chance to become Your hands and feet.

By Chris Clody 2/26/14

Return To Me My Love

My Love


Return my love to me
Walk within my Passion
Unite your soul with mine
All of me I give to you
Give yourself to me

Taste and see my victory
Raise your eyes to Father
Lift my Cross within your heart
Follow me and never wander

The life I give is my joy
A promise beyond the grave
Place your trust onto my Cross
Where the meek become the brave

My path awaits your journey
My wounds await your caress
My light awaits your darkness
Freedom shines where love has blessed

Take up your cross my brothers
Sisters show my endless love
Bear my burdens patiently
Live in this hope I speak of
And..return to me my love

Return my love to me
Walk within my Passion
Unite your soul with mine
All of me I give to you
Give yourself to me

by Chris Clody 1/26/14

A Burden With A Smile

images2Recently, I heard a blurb on why suffering is permitted, especially by those (including myself), who believe in a God that profoundly loves us.  I too carry a hidden intimacy with chronic cluster migraines for the past 25 years, that left me in lonely, desperate pity parties celebrated every minute of every day.  After dutifully attempting all “cures” – I left the world of the shoulder-shrugging, well-intentioned neurologists many years ago.  Yet there is a silver lining to desperation… and it glows in the stillness of prayer.  Embracing my pain emancipates an unexpected richness in the grace of peace drawn from ever-deepening prayer.  The many levels of prayer removes my filter of focusing on pain, unleashes the cascading ambience of my intimate and omnipresent Father, my Redeemer and understanding Son, and the warmth of a comforting Spirit.  Even during the excruciating times that sap the will to do anything but melt…I know prayer is my answer-even when it’s not my cure. Therefore, for those of you in far worse condition then me, please seek beyond your wills for the extraordinary grace glowing in your distant and dark nights.

A Burden With A Smile


Chronic is the fire burning inside my head
Ravaging the hope to be free from pain,
Rest is impossible even lying in bed,
This unrelenting rage seeks its only gain –
Yearning to consume my soul after my brain

Yet, I bear my burden with a smile,
and refuse to slow from this ball and chain,
The secret of pain is found trodding its mile,
Releasing its secret – instead of its shame.

Like endorphins released in the midst of a race,
Splashing through puddles, cursing the rain,
Embracing the suffering and inhaling God’s grace.

For fear is the mountain we avoid to climb,
Yet fear is a lie…hiding a key we all must find.

©2013 by Chris Clody 4/28/2013

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