Lord, please give me the words

In a moment,
Somewhere in everlasting time,
I am ‘caught’ within the seams,
Of TRUTH infused,
And the hill I must climb.

It is a loss to me,
To reason what I cannot fathom,
My wife’s experiences,
And beyond what I can imagine.

A chasm between,
Dreams, so beautifully shared,
Yet now, my faith bound and irresolute,
Hers, on second thought,
Outside my perspective and cares.

As a man,
A species of problem solvers,
I am not doubt blind,
Still firing blank shots,
From some justified revolver.

My aim is not to kill,
But to wound culture’s sacred vanity,
Yet, somehow, I miss,
And demonized for my ‘sanity’.

I walk in shiftless sands,
Despite my known reasonings,
Ever conscious – yet somehow flawed,
No matter the conscious of reasoning.

I feel as if,
Doubleminded has enter my soul,
One for the best of our versions,
One acceptable the Spirt,
One acceptable this cultures console.

I am an island.
Fierce in my new roots,
Beckoned to be gentle,
Yet doubting the verity of my fruits.

I must lack the fruits,
You claim that can be seen,
I feel unhinged,
By the works You profess routine.

Somewhere within this tension,
Deep beyond my infantile mind,
I crave harmony,
Yet ‘miss’ to express,
Yet, ‘expressed’ as unkind.

How often have I prayed,
Just fill my mouth with words to inspire,
Still, I feel my words toss grenades.
Within this cultures everlasting fire.

I am lonely.
I am clearly weak,
Lord give me the ears,
To express your will beyond whst vanity wreaks.

I cry out to You O Lord,
I am beyond bankrupt,
To say the words You only know,
Words beyond this culture’s rust.

Help me!
Help me Father!
Infuse Your Spirit in me,
Help me express my love.
In Your honor.

This is my prayer,
To communicate Your ‘Way’,
An in inconceivable concept,
From the life I lead today.

Pray for me my friends,
Pray that I have such stamina,
To persist in the words given to me,
With compassion and ‘in anima’,
So often I pray,
The anima Christi,
So often I reflect,
My failure and misery.

I will turn to the people you sent,
More stones stacked in my altar to You,
To hopefully guide,
ME…. To broaden my view.

Bless You Lord,
Everlasting and Almighty,
Bless You Lord,
Your servant feels bankrupt,
For words to say and eyes to see.

Forever in Your debt,
Your son,
Chris Clody 8/28/21

All I Want Is All Of You

Call To Me
(Inspired by Anima Christi and Unknown Author)


Within all your memories,
I stand behind waiting,
Before all your dreams,
I beckon,
All around you,
My love surrounds,
Everything you need,
I exist within.

Give me your soul,
Let me sanctify you
Take, eat and drink,
Let me save you,
Wash with water from my side,
I will baptize you,
Feast upon my Passion,
I will strengthen you,
Pray dear servant,
I will hear you.
Enter within my wounds,
I will hide you,
From the wicked foe,
I will defend you,
Remember my saints,
Follow me,
In your hour of death,
Call to me!

Forever and ever, Amen.

By Chris Clody

**Note: Inspired by Anima Christi (St. Ignatius of Antioch) and unknown author.

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