Another Deafening Silent Night.



Another Silent Night

Silent night…after silent night,
This faith I thought I knew,
Where Sundays boast of saints and martyrs,
Now mouths seal shut and hearts turns blue.

When did fear creep in,
Where are the lionhearted,
When will the little children ask again,
Why are martyrs highly-regarded?

If “Nothing is hidden from God,
And everything is naked before his eyes
When neighbors turn on neighbors,
WHO hears the icy predator’s laugh and despair of victims’ cries?

When calumny precipitates political seasons,
The church slumbers through forgetful nights,
Awakens anemic, afraid, and silent –
Unequipped, unwilling, and running from the fight.

God hears His Bride calling,
He weeps at her neglect,
Calming her to be patient awhile longer,
Assuring her one day; all will genuflect.

When will man return to Caeser,
What he covets and has stolen,
And give to God what he gratefully owes –
When will these Silent Nights be broken?

By Chris Clody

The Gift

Sunday is comin’…

Sweet Repose

images cross

Your sacrifice is my only treasure,
That clothes me in priestly purple,
The crown You give inflames my endeavor,
Defining life’s endless circle,
By love; Holy and eternal.

O Redeemer, my sweet repose,
Ancient Love, so rich and fertile,
David’s Root blooms through a Mystical Rose,
Whose prickling thorns grow inward and painful,
Cut down for sin – yet still arose,
Fin’lly reaching Heaven for us below.

Sacred seed chooses a holy garden,
Incarnate blossom from a joyful rose,
Resurrection softens clay once hardened,
Fragrant is Your way to sinful pardon.

O Redeemer, my sweet repose,
Ancient Love, so rich and fertile,
David’s Root blooms through a Mystical Rose,
Whose prickling thorns grow inward and painful,
Cut down for sin – yet still arose,
Fin’lly reaching Heaven for us below.

O Spouse of my soul, how sweet is thy kiss,
Whilst begging our forgiveness hanging from your wrists,
Save your servant from the darkened Abyss,
And vouchsafe reunion within Trinity’s bliss.

by Chris Clody 3/15/15

Whom Have You Seen, O Shepherds?

incarnation2Awe.  Wonder. Fear.  Regardless of the order or if felt all at once, the shepherds and possibly unknown others awakened by the supernatural events coinciding with the birth of Christ, certainly stood mesmerized casting shadows in the night.   Surely if God felt people did not love Him because they couldn’t see Him then they would have no excuse now.   There are seven words that continue to still me:  “Word made flesh for love of us.” Ironically, His very name, “Word”, given to the now visible Son of God, was intentionally born hidden as a small, needful, and inarticulate babe.  However the shallow blush of irony that thinly veils this indescribable charity now awakens our contemplation with awe, wonder, and fear.  The brightest of Heaven’s glory shown in the tangible charity of a newborn allowing God’s depthless love to speak infinite volumes through the now resting silence of the Word.  There is a sweetness in silence… to be still and know He is God. Find a moment to hold that silence in your heart and allow the awe, wonder, and fear that same shining moment when it split the night sky over 2000 years ago.

Merry Christmas friends,

O Shepherds


Shadows hide from Glory’s light,
Hillsides splashed by Heaven’s glow,
A burning star splits the night,
Fearful eyes gaze from below,
God made flesh to few that know…

O Shepherds, whom have you seen?
What did your hearts undergo?
Has God now stepped in between,
Laws of men and Love supreme?

Tell me what the angels said,
and of these glorious streams?
Why have tears of joy been shed?
O Shepherds, whom have you seen?

Emmanuel has lit the night,
Has proved His Love to be with us!
Hiding Heaven within a babe,
Awaking hearts to newfound trust.

God is Love and lives with us.

by Chris Clody 12/24/2013

Seen Through Mom’s Eyes

The greatest blight that deadens our souls continues as loneliness.  Loneliness is as insidious as it is unexpected in casting longer and longer shadows into our perspective. Life viewed through this suffocating dimness can be a debilitating challenge that slows our sacred journeys (religious or non-religious) to little more than a crawl.  Often our self-pessimism we slowly gather is far from the truth and I believe a possible remedy is closer than we think.  It is well worth our time to see our self through the eyes of our mother.  A mother’s love is beautifully stubborn, intimate, and meticulous in understanding what makes us tick. Our mothers therefore at least deserve the honor to describe to us our worth, that marvelous dignity, to maybe a face only she could love…  If we our honest and listen to what we our told then we stand more than a chance to re-calibrate our perspective free of the loneliness we don’t deserve.

Would you be willing to join me in a contemplative moment and talk a walk on a poetic journey?  If so, take a moment to clear your mind and see this son through His mother”s eyes.

Look To My Son


Look at my newborn Son
This divine drop of innocence
This infinite ocean of hope
Sleeping quietly and content

Look at this carpenter’s son
Working to see His father pleased
Working wood with hardened hands
The ones we’ll pierce to set us free.

Look through my Savior’s wounds
See far beyond His suffering
See forgiveness framed on a cross
Unleashing love – embracing sin.

Kneel with me at the cross,
Feel the sorrow in my soul,
Son turns Savior before my eyes,
Grief impossible to console.
Stay with me at the cross,
Take my hand and heart awhile,
For only love held Him aloft,
Conquering our redemption’s trial.
Stay with me a little longer,
Hold your trembling Mother,
Share my love and my pain,
Flesh of my flesh now Redeemer.
Help me up from the ground,
Steady me while I stand,
Only grace can hold this heart,
Although my mind can’t understand.

Remember me when I’m gone,
Remember the victory that He won,
Remember whenever you say my name,
You’ll be looking at my Son.


Ad Jesum per Mariam
Ad Jesum per Mariam
Ad Jesum per Mariam

By Chris Clody 8/13/13

The Latin phrase “Ad Jesum per Mariam” means “To Jesus Through Mary” and regardless of our preferred theology, I hope you found the empathy and profound intimacy to see the infant, the child, the man, the Redeemer and Savior, through the eyes of His mother.

His Peace,


God Uninvited

 He arrived by prophecy yet not by invitation.  Although civilization marks time by His birth, many don’t give Him the time of day.  

Unwelcome and misunderstood by a world created through Him.  Incorruptible flesh born outside expected comforts and care.  The center of our cosmos and human history humbles all egos by a newborn’s cry.  Swaddled, vulnerable and completely dependent – He cries in the wilderness.  His cry is but a whisper, a passing sound of need in our spinning realities that give some pause while many ignore.  His love conquers an impossible mission while revealing the One that sent Him.  He reveals the One that completes our hearts and draws our soul if we but trust in child-like wonder of His presence.   He encourages all to put flesh to our charity so that our very words become love incarnate to neighbors in need of it. 

The spirit of Christmas is not simply of seasonal giving but rather a deep sense of awe of being profoundly loved… even to the point of redemption.    As Mary provided milk to the bread of mankind’s search for true life, Christmas awakens our hearts and opens our ears to embracing perfect love.  As we unwrap ourselves from the binds of distraction to experience God’s presence, make sure you step outside and listen for the echo of that faint cry in the chilly night air.

Emmanuel! Christ has come!

His Peace,


God Uninvited

Incarnation shivers,
In a newborn’s cry.
Exhausted travelers –
Warm a cave nearby.

Angels! Trumpets! Singing!
Fill the night-time sky.
Thunderstruck and trembling,
Shepherds wonder why.

God comes uninvited,
Despite the prophecies.
Redemption’s Living Bread,
Feed the few who believe.

Christmas begs the question,
“Do you hear His cry?”
What is your decision –
Accept or deny?

God’s invitation has no middle ground
Incarnate bears Love, perfect and profound.
His gift of faith sees  – as far as it can see,
Patiently awaits…  ‘neath your Christmas tree.

©2011 by Chris Clody 12/21/11


Emmanuel, “God with us,” is the true undertone of Christmas.  What does the “Spirit” of Christmas mean to you?

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