Call Me Cain

Good Friday. How appropriate?  The following poem was inspired by a Bishop Fulton J. Sheen (Faith,Hope, and Love with Fulton J. Sheen Season 1, Ep 2, Love is Hope).


Who am I

Who am I?
A descendant,
A wanderer,
Born of pessimism,
From an unfaithful race of Cains.

I am sealed by a mark,
even the Seven Seas cannot wash away.
This incarnate blood of my just brother,
Now becomes my hope.

Hope, not optimism,
Or brokenness from our crushing reality.

Hope is a covenant of Mercy,
An enslavement, a property,
A refuge from the vengeance of men.
Hope, is the burning crimson that stains me,
And warns all who seek wrath,
Belongs to the One who marked me.

What judge?
What authority, principalities, powers
can convict me?
If the One whom I killed,
Is now alive,
then I must be set free!
Has He not been seen walking,
Upon the wings of the morning?
An lo, He has not left me orphaned,
To be convicted by the lords of this age,
For He stands before you now!
Truly Truth sets me free!

Who am I?
I am not my own,
But touched by the very finger,
that etched law into stones,
and love upon my heart.
I am another Cain,
Justly convicted,
and now believe,
I live by the One I slayed.

…but call me Christian.

By Chris Clody

I Still Believe…



I Still Believe


When a loved one’s dimming eyes fade to glaze,

Dare I look beyond what I grieve?

When the single mother works endless days,

Just to portion crumbs she receives.

When depravity crushes piety,

And mocks the cost that set them free-

Through quiet tears I still believe…


For Emmanuel is with me always,

Shoulder to shoulder Mercy cleaves.

Admitting higher are His thoughts and ways,

Surrendering, I still believe.


If Christless wills are judged then turned away,

Grant me Your will to set me free.

Pluck this un-bloomed from a prideful bouquet,

For a manger this Christmas Eve.


Emmanuel… I still believe.



 ©2011 by Chris Clody 12/13/11



As the Christmas season begins to flourish, let’s courageously bloom wherever God sees fit to plant us.   I pray we all come to a fuller understanding of the consequence of God’s will in our lives, both temporary and eternal, so that the pain of life’s stolen joys have no legacy in the freedom God invites us to.  Emmanuel!

His Peace,


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