My All

I could complain and empty my anguish regarding war and its consequence of the unnecessary sufferings of poverty and sickness. My rage towards humanity’s grabs for power and pleasure instead of honest, loving, vibrant communities. Thankfully, my faith rudders my contemplation away from this imploding darkness towards the hopeful glow of finding some way to love my God through my neighbor. Yet before I can prayerfully think towards mercy, I am drawn to first hallow The Ineffable Name* of Mercy itself.

silent thought


YOU are my endless epiphany,
My eternal morning glory,
Breathtaking yet life-giving,
My soul’s majestic sunrise,
One man’s hope for brotherhood.

YOU’re wild and uncontainable,
My swirl of curiosity,
Man’s DNA for mercy.
My horizon of glory,
And newfound purpose to love.

YOU are my wonderland of tomorrow’s hope,
For eye has not seen,
nor ear has heard,
nor heart imagined,
all YOU have prepared,
for those who love YOU. (1 Cor 2:9)

By Chris Clody

*Inspired by Abraham Joshua Heschel and his poetry in The Ineffable Name of God: Man: Poems. 2004. ISBN 0-8264-1632-2


The Trinity At Play



Infinite and always
love will never fail.
Giving and receiving
is our holy grail.
Spinning, scooping, pouring,
Our God’s waterwheel,
Love, prayer, and suffering,
Dousing those who kneel.

By Chris Clody 5/11/15

Five little words…

I learned something today.  I was reading a post on facebook regarding Mother Teresa and the beauty and true simplicity of the Gospel was never better said as I read:

People often asked Mother Teresa why she loved the poor so much, how she could honor dignity in such difficult situations. In response, she liked to grasp their hand, slowly wiggle one finger at a time, and explain: “You-did-it-to-me.” In her mind, you could count the whole Gospel on just five fingers. (

You did it for me


Empty out your life through the love God extends,
Release the radiant joy buried deep within,
For when you love another as yourself,
You did it for me.

You did it for me,
You did it for me,
Whatever you do for the least of these,
You did it for me.

You fed me when I was hungry,
You gave me water for my thirst,
You sheltered me when I had no home,
You clothed me when I shivered,
You held my hand through my sickness,
And my imprisonment,
What you did to the least of these,
You did it for me.

You did it for me,
You did it for me,
Whatever you do for the least of these,
You did it for me.

These five little words,
You count on your fingers,
Will open your eyes to see,
Loving God through your neighbor’s dignity,
When you did it for me.


By Chris Clody 9/6/2014




If Not Me Lord…


If not me Lord,
Then shine within my child’s eyes,
So all will see,
The joy to come beyond goodbyes,
If not me Lord,
Then gather my spouse to your side,
So all will know,
That Love is drawn from Your supply.

If not me Lord,
Then grant my parent’s newfound peace,
To quell the doubts,
That load their hearts like burdened beasts.
If not me Lord,
Then give to me my neighbor’s grief,
So they may know,
My love for them is grace released.

If You choose me as Your child,
Then shine within my darkened eyes,
To bear Good News without denial,
To muffle hearts from lonely cries.
Reach through me to lift my brother,
Let love for neighbor be my prize,
Stumbling forward together,
In joyful hope through You we rise.

In joyful hope through You we rise…

By Chris Clody 9/1/2014

Dark Nights. Children. Borders.

thumbnailCA5K87RRHope and hurt enslave my energy.  Humanity totters on the fulcrum between beauty and despicable in each advancing moment. At times I feel voiceless except for the prayers screaming from unknown depths of my soul.  At the end of the day, I ponder in disbelief at the crimes against humanity while the shame of our bought government petulantly politicizes everything. Dear God…what have we become? Your patience baffles me…as does your mercy to allow us to choose rightly. Life’s greatest joy and invaluable asset, children, have become simple pawns of a political brinkmanship.  Another minute passes as tiny, orphaned hands reach blindly out into the abyss of our dimming light of charity. If you have a faith tradition and profess to be children of Charity, then what is being said in your temples, churches, and mosques? If you are estranged to faith or even atheist, look deeply into their innocent eyes and imagine sending them away…

I believe we have a legacy of love to create, maintain, and leave before our light goes out.

Love your neighbor,


Dark Night


Despondent as I may be,
My soul will not close,
For Hope lights this cave,
Welcoming God’s charity.
Yet, it’s not my light,
But of Grace that saves…

To confront discouragement,
These thorns of a rose,
Lining Death’s cold grave,
Pricking minds incessantly,
Yet fear takes to flight,
From the life Christ gave.

Gladly wrapped in restlessness,
Blameless in His clothes,
By forgiveness craved,
I wait for Him patiently,
His glorious sight,
Saving the depraved.

silent thought

By Chris Clody 7/18/14


homeless1I am uncomfortable by the thought of God’s adaptation to vacate His glory to hopefully coax us down from our pretentious pedestals to love our neighbor…yet I am immensely grateful. It is within the true act of charity that willingly conforms to my neighbor’s desires that finds the exquisite realization of loving and serving God through others. Outside of miracles, Jesus hid His glory and bowed to wash feet so we may do the same. It is our love that must be conditioned to disregard recompense for our charity to one another in light of the immense love that continues to adapt to our needs yet shines with favor through our neighbor’s smile.

Shine on,

Hidden was Your glory
That bowed to serve our selfishness.
Unveiled was Your power,
So we may see You as our own.
Blinded by charity,
Love transformed us to Your likeness,
Mute voices got louder,
Encouraging hope without groans.
Unmasked humility,
Indignant hearts become righteous,
Buried seeds soon flower,
From a Creator’s hand once sown.

Glory blossoms when love is shown.

by Chris Clody 6/19/2014