America’s Checkpoint Charlie


What is the greatest human construct that defies Jefferson’s Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Was it slavery and its destructive legacy? Without hesitation, the long fingers of racism continue to claw through generations with its mauling intentions of targeted brutality.

Was it the Trail of Tears? Another repulsive, historical scar that forced the undignified relocation of the Native American nations following the Indian Removal Act of 1830? Does our prejudicial genetics still spew that racism even after Hitler? What about good ole McCarthysm? Are families living in this country today cowering from the threat of their Removal Act? Really! If I hear that justified through another ‘Christian’ living in their this ‘Christian Nation’ I’m gonna’ vomit.

Certainly, the aforementioned nausea caused by our malignant, American insecurity towards anything ‘other’ than one sees in the mirror has raped the potential for a robust national community. Prejudice can be both overtly hostile or passively aggressive in words, actions, and deeds. Take a moment to consider our ‘others’ that prevent benevolence from our heart to another or cause… yeah, ouch.

Still, there is no greater wall that not only prevents a chance at the hope but intends far worse. I am speaking about abortion. It is premeditated murder. It is a slow, calculated killing. There is profound suffering. The consideration of abortion with ‘meaningful’ language reflective of an ‘intimate choice’ is vulgar and more befitting of a squalid dissociation from reality. Is this now a steel claw rising from slavery transformed through Margaret Sanger’s dim view of equality? Can a discourse of Eugenics vs. Equality ever be deemed civil and rational by a sober society. Outside of this veiled ‘solution’ offered to the poor (who are intentionally kept poor!), is prenatal diagnosis with the intent to abort not on the slippery slope down towards the sick doctrine of Aryanism?

Let me be clear. Abortion is not simply the greatest border; it is America’s Checkpoint Charlie lined with over-caffeinated, snipers painting red dots on another little girl or boy’s pursuit of life. If life is not a central core perspective then why fear any mortal consequence one may experience through war, slavery, prejudice, poverty, or shame (God forbid). Remember, despite the deplority of slavery – there still was life.

So I ask you, do you believe in the Declaration of Independence?
Is life be a surrendable inalienable right? Are there even inalienable rights before life itself? Does any (possible) mortal consequence outweigh the chance to experience mortality?

…Sorry, had to go there today.

Become Peace,

Inalienable rights ~ Freedoms that each individual in the United States have which cannot be transferred to another person or surrendered except by the individual having those rights. Fundamental rights of United States citizens include right topractice religion, equal protection of laws and the freedom of speech.

Fear – Our Favorite Opiate

History Forgets…again


Religion has become our focus,
So easily demonized,
Religion should be our impetus,
Simply and joyfully exercised!

Politicians and preachers,
Expose their dim and darkened minds,
Persist in swaying the fearful,
Starving armies led by the blind.

Love has become celebrated –
But sadly emancipated.
Humanity longs for compassion,
Fear’s opiate forgets God’s passion.

Become change…for good.
Love your God through your neighbor.
Peace I leave.

Dark Nights. Children. Borders.

thumbnailCA5K87RRHope and hurt enslave my energy.  Humanity totters on the fulcrum between beauty and despicable in each advancing moment. At times I feel voiceless except for the prayers screaming from unknown depths of my soul.  At the end of the day, I ponder in disbelief at the crimes against humanity while the shame of our bought government petulantly politicizes everything. Dear God…what have we become? Your patience baffles me…as does your mercy to allow us to choose rightly. Life’s greatest joy and invaluable asset, children, have become simple pawns of a political brinkmanship.  Another minute passes as tiny, orphaned hands reach blindly out into the abyss of our dimming light of charity. If you have a faith tradition and profess to be children of Charity, then what is being said in your temples, churches, and mosques? If you are estranged to faith or even atheist, look deeply into their innocent eyes and imagine sending them away…

I believe we have a legacy of love to create, maintain, and leave before our light goes out.

Love your neighbor,


Dark Night


Despondent as I may be,
My soul will not close,
For Hope lights this cave,
Welcoming God’s charity.
Yet, it’s not my light,
But of Grace that saves…

To confront discouragement,
These thorns of a rose,
Lining Death’s cold grave,
Pricking minds incessantly,
Yet fear takes to flight,
From the life Christ gave.

Gladly wrapped in restlessness,
Blameless in His clothes,
By forgiveness craved,
I wait for Him patiently,
His glorious sight,
Saving the depraved.

silent thought

By Chris Clody 7/18/14