Listen Up…


Listen To My Son

Listen to My Son,
In Him I Am well pleased,
He is My Word made flesh,
Whose whisper calms the sea,
Whose name when mentioned heals,
and from which Satan flees.
My glory shines within his eyes,
Casting angels to their knees.
He is The Resurrection,
A Saving Prince of Peace,
He is your Good Shepherd,
Sacrificed for his sheep,
He is The Bread of God,
You must eat to increase,
He is Aleph v’Tav,
Who makes the unborn leap,
Your Prophet, Priest, and King,
For whom all sinners weep.
The firstborn of the dead,
Returning as a thief,
Be watchful and listen,
And pray before you sleep.

Listen to My Son,
In Him I AM well pleased.

By Chris Clody


Get A Dog…

Miniature-Schnauzer-puppy-photo-83475_wallcoo_com     My contemplations will begin again sometime tonight between 3 am and 4 am and ebb and flow until 5:15am until Mia, my joyfully hyper, mini-Schnauzer begins her process: ear flapping, army crawl up my chest to rest her head cheek to my cheek, and finally, morning yawns – a nervous mix of yodeling infused with that smell of warm garbage. I seriously love this dog. Every morning is an outstanding opportunity to choke down another half-cup of multi-colored, dry crap that must disguise filet mignon unbeknownst to me. This surely explains that regardless of the amount- it is never enough. Somehow I get this dog…and maybe she understands me. Cheerfully grateful, yet continuously restless. We both love to please despite our needs. We are intensely loyal without condition. …And I agree, there is never enough to eat! I recommend getting a dog for they are simply a gift. They are the wagging reminders that wait impatiently for your return, to help you remember you are incredibly loved. I need not cast a shadow within my house because it’s part of my dog’s willful job description.

Yeah…if you can swing it…get a dog.

Oh…why am I up between 3am and 4 am every morning? Habit? No. Alarm? No. Snoring wife? …ummm- No. It is the once bane of my existence that is now my true blessing. Every year they worsen, a blinding pain in the darkest of night, when icicle sharp pains shoot from the top of my head through my right jaw and into my neck and beyond joining the fire in my feet and hands. The smallest sounds seem to echo sending a sick shudder through my very core. The best in the neuro biz call them chronic cluster migraines – all I can call is God. After twenty three years, I am beyond pity and pain-killers, and now gratefully pray for those who landed in my radar today. I pray for the faceless and the familiar, in hopes they will turn to the One who makes all things new before tasting the fear of their own mortality. However, if that’s what it takes…so be it. Yet, as you know, healthy relationships do not build on a foundation of fear but love. My only prayer is you find true love. It is my greatest belief that God is the first and true love we never knew.

Despite my intensifying pain, I can’t help but smile while silently praying as my little Mia takes a deep inhale, right after I do, just to let me know I’m not alone. Seriously, I love this dog.

Find Love,



Spiritual Things

Spiritual Things

How can one understand spiritual things,
When they fail to house the Spirit within.

The words they hear pelt them like sand that stings,
Threatened, they attack some concept called sin,
Desperately thrashing like fish without fins.

Furious doubts arise like wayward bubbles,
Spewed from darkened depths of their perdition.
Blind to the pride that conceals their troubles,
Their mind grows dim like a murky puddle.

Pride wars with the first love they never knew,
Even their soul they seek to uncouple,
Still – Love prays that humility breaks through.

Even though time grows old it’s still a gift,
To rudder their course from hopeless adrift,
Repentance awaits God’s Light that is swift,
If only humility would dare to exist.

©2012 by Chris Clody 5/8/2012

Please pray that rebellious hearts will become restless hearts for God.

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