I Thirst

imagesI believe our words have eternal consequence and temporal impact in how we direct them.  I have many joys and many regrets in what I have chosen to say, cry, scream, or yell…but the greatest of words are those directed to the One who makes all things new.  The One who knows every intention of my joys and regrets. That One is Jesus my sole thirst.  Truly, the following words are timeless:

“Jesus is God, therefore His love, His Thirst, is infinite. He the creator of the universe,
asked for the love of His creatures.
He thirst for our love… These words:
‘I Thirst’ –
Do they echo in our souls?”


Mother Teresa

 These compassionate words follow a prayer worth the time to read in the following link: http://www.mcpriests.com/03_I_thirst_PrayerEN.htm

I was reminded today of these words from a dear brother who the following is dedicated – Thank you Joe:

I Thirst For Thee
(My Brother’s Hymn)


I am but a sponge
Dried by fire from your consuming Love,
Immerse me O Lord,
Soak me deeply in your Eternal springs,
So I may know what it means to live.

Quench my thirst
Drench me in trust
Soften my heart
Make clay from this dust

I thirst for thee
I thirst for thee, O Lord
I thirst for thee,
I thirst to be restored

christ thirst

By Chris Clody 4/8/14

The Affairs of the Heart

imagesluvHappy Valentine’s Day to me – because of the God that stole my heart.  I am also beyond grateful for my wife and family for the joys and challenges allowing me to realize my progress and need towards greater love.  In today’s suffocating, politicized climate arguing the rights of love, pertaining to our own bodies or with another, I am finding myself gasping to breathe the final words by St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 proclaiming “love endures all”.  Whether we believe in labeling ourselves as Christian or not, understanding the gift and weight of love given to our species deserves far more than this muddied, political banter and self-righteous opinion or belief.  Love deserves our action.  If love truly endures all, never fails, or conquers all, then why are you and I yelling? Although love affects all of us, it also offers us the chance to display it, not as a right but simply as a gift to give. Pure love is borne from sacrifice for another and Christ did that for us. I wish God’s love had a warning label on it as it far exceeds our understanding finding meaning only in our humility and sorrow as the heart dares to contemplate the vastness of His mercy.  Christianity is not about reserving an assured room in some heavenly mansion, rather it is an opportunity to endure with diversity allowing our words and actions a chance to glow in acknowledgment of this mercy. Christianity should neither be impatient, unkind, envious, boastful, arrogant, rude, insist on its own way, irritable, resentful, or rejoice at wrongdoing. Christianity simply rejoices with the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Along with the power to give love, we have been allowed the opportunity to forgive. Oh yeah, forgiveness does however come with a warning…

Dear “Christian”, if love led the King of Kings like a silent lamb to slaughter, action, not simply preaching, also awaits our next step towards this gift of greater love.

Abandon yourself to true love,


Lord’s Day

images tearw

Beware for soon the Perfect comes,
And alone His voice will be heard,
Judgment will beat from holy drums,
we’ll see ourselves no longer blurred,
while lifting our eyes to the Word.

Shameful tears will flood our rivers,
Cleansing lands where hatred occurred,
The weight of sin is now considered,
Love’s pure action will deliver.

Servant’s tears will be wiped away,
By pierced hands with saving measure,
Tears that go untouched and astray,
Fill the rivers on this Lord’s Day.

Joy unspeakable for those He knew,
Despair eternal for hearts betrayed –
wherein lies, hatred and prejudice grew.

Love is an action- forgiveness our path,
Run towards His mercy not away from His wrath.

By Chris Clody 2/14/14

Endless Inspirations


Endless inspirations,
Glimmer on the passing seconds,
Lighting me with instant hope.
Regretful as they slowly fade –
Like echoes growing silent,
Or bubbles popping in their soap.

Like stolen glances
Pondering past regret,
Pain swallows my memories,
Lights flicker and I forget.

Still… I lift my eyes,
Against the crushing weight
Seeking another glimmer,
For my heart to translate.

Life explodes within each moment,
With a purpose and a plan…
To beckon souls beyond impossible,
To where God holds out His hand.

Be grateful for each second,
Regardless of how long they last…
For legacies await our future,
If fearless love lights our past.


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A Moment…

He was far enough away to expectantly pass him by. He was a foreign face that wore the pain of his existence and debilitating consequences of an unfortunate life.  Yet, an unfamiliar paralysis caused me to hesitate and look a little too long until our eyes shared a moment.

A moment that dared me to search for another’s hidden dignity.

A moment where compassion revolts against a learned and comfortable etiquette.

A moment that should have passed with a forgotten glance.

A moment slowly turned into an unexpected commitment as I slowly staggered against a current towards what should have never held my attention.  Dumbstruck by my heart in mutiny against my common sense, my head screamed, “What are you doing?!” While my heart screamed louder, “What if he was your brother?!”  As if without warning, I stood before him and listened to whatever possessed my body to ask, “Are you hungry my friend?”  Despite the cautious stare from his dull and distant, dark brown eyes, a grateful “yes” seemed to put us both at ease…

Then again, it was just a moment…



A Glance

Lord was that You I saw,
Hidden behind the shame and regret?
Was that you who called,
Through a poor, forgotten silhouette?

There, within a stolen moment,
Empathy pricks me like a thorn,
Drawn by your eternal gaze,
I walk a path I’ve hardly worn.

It’s simply irresistible,
To behold the windows of the soul,
Although dimly visible,
Faith sees love offered not controlled.

Lord, help me see you,
Beyond the vision you gave me.
Lord, unlock this heart,
And destroy its wicked key.

©2011 by Chris Clody 9/14/2012

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Our Nation’s Sin

Our Nation’s Sin

As some stand in the grip of God,
Watching in horror from His palms,
While sinful acts like lightning rods,
Still strike full wombs like car bombs,
Abortion becomes our Vietnam.

And endless war fueled by lies,
Victimizing… confused moms,
Leaving regret unbaptized,
God weeps yet calms the unborn’s cry.

Ceaseless prayers crowd the Heavens,
Choirs silenced by God’s sigh,
Prayers begin before they end –
Carried atop echoes of each “Amen.”

God’s love is proved by His patience,
And revealed in the Son He sent,
Heaven-bound’s wealth is repentance,
Hell-bound squander the love Christ spent…

 So pray that life is what the people choose,
Lest our nation’s sin continues,
Lest our nation’s sin continues…

Pray to end abortion.

©2012 by Chris Clody 2/2/2012 

I recommend the following link regarding the short video called “180”:

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Heaven’s Litmus Test?

Are you ready for Heaven? 

Imagine, The One who reads all hearts has called you by a new name and welcomes you home as His son or daughter.   Your new name seems to have its own unique dimension that does not simply tie you to a common name but IS you.  Our new name harmoniously dwells in the realm of the Great I AM.   It is only upon your final perfection through the redemptive capacity of God’s Son, Jesus, that your name now explains your very purpose.   Constant songs of Grace and undeserved forgiveness surround and pass into your new body, like a wind instrument playing gratefully for its Maker.  Amid the many unfamiliar faces you soon recognize one intentionally approaching you.   Although your memory of your mortality is fading to reminders of your works now visibly seen as grateful treasures, that familiar face now standing in front of you is that of the man who murdered your seven-year old daughter.   Amazingly, you both joyfully embrace in the shared reality within the ambient forgiveness of God’s Kingdom.  As you gently pull away looking deep into the now gentle eyes of a humble and pardoned man, you both join in the songs of forgiveness as if you were breathing life-giving air itself… and the little hand of your daughter finally…slips…back… into…yours.

…So are you ready for Heaven?  If you think you are ready then let your heart answer the next three questions from God: 

1) Do you love me? 

2) Do you Love me?

3) Do you LOVE me? 

…So how’d you do?  Maybe some love to proclaim His Name, speak of prophecies, and even perform miracles in His name, but some of those faces may be absent in Heaven?  Truly there is assurance in the capacity of Jesus to perfect our perjured hearts into gleaming purity before The Father, yet what is our part in this divine handshake.  Even St. Peter, an apostle “on fire” for his priest, prophet and King, still denied Him when overwhelmed with fear.   What doubtful part of St. Peter’s heart remained dry and hardened with fear?  Our part, as was St. Peter’s, is to finally and without regret ask to allow the light of Calvary’s forgiveness to drench our hearts completely.   Although we forgive and never forget, our gratitude of Calvary’s sacrifice is the humble key, our hopeful mustard seed,  that unlocks the greenhouse of God’s three questions asked of St. Peter and us.  The incorruptible seed of Christ’s assurance to eternal bliss offers us impossibilities we have yet to fathom.  While our heart’s garden awaits a new springtime we must willingly choose to offer fertile compost by mortifying our pride and lusts of our eyes and flesh.  Like toiling the cursed ground, our sweat is the proof our efforts.   Christian credibility is both doing what we say and saying what we do.  The “why” behind what we say and do cannot remain hidden but as visible as the love that held Jesus to His cross.  From the fruit of an innocent virgin’s womb to the cross, our Tree of Life which now holds our eternal fruit of forgiveness, is ours for the taking.   It is gratitude that hears the Holy Spirit’s beckoning to take and eat of this crucified fruit out of both sorrow and joy.  It is this gift of gratitude that enables us to truly believe in the person of Jesus so we may say, “Yes Lord, you know I love you.”

…So are you ready for Heaven? 

His Peace,


How important is forgiveness to you and to the Christian faith?

As fear uncovered the doubt in St. Peter’s heart, he realized he wasn’t responding like he thought he would.  Have you asked the Holy Spirit to search your heart to expose whatever doubt may still be hidden from you?

Stepping Out in Faith

…while plunging into fear. 

Courage begins with a first step.

Whether they were the cowardly lion’s first paw print onto the yellow brick road, or those darkening the doorway of an alcoholic’s first AA meeting, or the 343 dusty pairs of boots belonging to the NYFD that never returned from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, each step drew from an infused reserve.  Courageous decisions are the given ability to withdraw the necessary bravery invested from years of smaller choices that test our character wrought from genuine love of both God and neighbor.  Although we may spend years dipping our toes testing the water, we do so knowing one day… sink, swim or walk…we will step out of that boat and confront the depths of our fears.   For some women, it may be the slow road of regaining confidence in oneself and in another before possibly committing again to a trusting relationship with a man despite the violence and betrayal experienced in her last relationship.  The crack addict knows there is no bottom to their fears and the hopeful freedom from addiction just may ascend like an air bubble as they sink deeper and deeper into the cold, dark depths. Whether it’s the abused, the addicted or St. Peter – fear burdens all.   Encouragement doesn’t lighten the first, heavy steps towards hope, it strengthens them.  Jesus stands outside the boat beckoning all from atop the water into His soul-building program exercising God’s will of faith, hope and charity.  Encouragement stills us to the point of epiphany that we walk by faith… even on top of water.  Therefore, let us recognize the power in our words and their ability to strengthen weary legs burdened by fear.  If necessary, use words to spread the gospel of hope to the embattled confidence of those wounded by regret.   Fear and regret must be abandoned for true life born in forgiveness.   There is only one source of this life and it beckons all who have ears to hear His invitation.  Today, help someone know that the power of forgiveness is available to those able to step out in faith when Jesus says,”Come!”

His Peace,



He Beckons Me


He beckons me…constantly.

To walk above my fears.

Dare to be free…fearlessly.

To take one step from here,

Just…one…step from here.


Regrets become weightless,

Walking in His power,

Drawn to His forgiveness,

Where death is soon devour’d.


Salt stings my wounds…incess’ntly,

My faith weakens to fears.

I cry for Him…desperately,

To raise me up from here,

Lord…raise me from here.


Once again I’m weightless,

And held like a flower.

Delicate and precious,

Knowing peace cannot sour.


Returning to the boat,

Until He calls me home.

Encouraged once again,

To face the fierce sea-foam.


….’cause still He beckons me.


© 2011 by Chris Clody 5/9/11



What makes Christianity uncomfortable to you? 

Does it take courage to have faith?