My Joy

Joy sings from towering elevations,
High atop shoulders of God’s humility,
Echoes reaffirm its exultation,
Rebounding in fading harmony,
Valleys spill from Your revelation,
Rising into flowing rivers of liquid melodies,
Teeming with uncontainable joy is my gift for Thee!

Gratitude floods like milk and honey,
Drowning in a debt I could never repay,
Ample oxygen of thy mercy,
To steal another breath to float songs of praise,
To be still and know You – rescues me,
Glorious are You, my song, Everlasting God-In-Three,
Bless You Lord, for drenching me – in faith, hope, and charity!


Quiet Rescue

images3My friend is a gift.   A bucket of overflowing wisdom whose compassion is a knee jerk reaction. His love is wasteful and without regard for his needs.  God not only gave me a friend, but a mentor and a brother.  His love is active and searching as it is obedient and grateful.  His smile is one that offers a peace waiting before his words.  I believe through the love of God, his passion to offer calm and confident assurance to the hurting is like watching water rescue.  Shine on brother…shine on.

My Fall


Within the depths I stumble,
A bottom I never thought I’d find…
Trapped within my solitude,
Wrapped in darkness and left feeling blind.

Faint echoes bounce from these walls,
Growing louder in my surrender,
Forgotten hope fills my soul,
Knitting shattered pieces together.

Reaching for a helpful hand,
Blindly following my brother’s voice,
Encouraged by promised hope,
I submit to Redemption’s choice.

Side by side we start to climb,
Rising from this bottomless despair,
Love has once again conquered,
My heart transforms and quickens in prayer.


By Chris Clody 10/29/13