Morning has broken!

Yep, I’m a morning person, that’s confirmed with the first, brisk inhale as my ears gorge on birdsong.  Seeing my puff of breath brings out new depths of personal gratitude while this background symphony by feathery friends assist my morning prayer. These are the moments that leave me truly awestruck and wanting to see the face of God. I anxiously await another sunrise that will soon still me so I may blush along with the clouds at the promise of forever and a new day. I pray for those who miss this opportunity, to truly breathe Mercy, and make ready our will to love another.

Surely….God is amazing.


Someday, sooner or later,
Life becomes something more,
When the hidden songs of birds,
Overwhelm and occupy the soul,
And desperation opens a new door.

Surely, we all will realize,
Entitlement’s thin veneer,
That stuffed us full of sugar,
Catering buffets of the ephemeral,
Petrified of the beauty we might hear.

Someday, now sooner than later,
That sunrise will catch our breath,
And draw us out like a moth to light,
Into that early morning dawn,
to doubt the finality of death.

Surely, in that golden gaze of sun,
The veneer will melt away,
A smallness will overtake us,
Grateful to feel our soul’s first yearning,
while repressed love blooms its first bouquet.

Someday, has come today,
Transfixed, unsure, willing and trembling,
Like a beggar holding flowers,
Stands now at the door crying,
Instead of excited and holding an engagement ring.

By Chris Clody

Just Another morning


The Extraordinary Of Ordinary

Blush was the dawn’s awesome silence
Impossible colors on the skin of clouds,
The extraordinary of ordinary,
Quickly stolen by the rising sun.

Darkened corners swept with light,
Glints from a leaf bejeweled by dew,
Darting brown shadows of frenzied cottontails,
A joyous song bird echoes this morning liturgy,
“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead,
and Christ shall give you light.”
On cue, a gaggle of geese,
lift as one chorus floating upon a rising mist,
honking like traffic that’s soon to come.

Busyness spills its crescendo of actions,
Slowly drowning the prayer of dawn.
Nevertheless, it has blessed this day,
For sleepy eyes to marvel.

Tomorrow waits patiently,

By Chris Clody