A Lamp To My Feet

images2Although we eat the bread of the strong we can only sip from the cup of bitterness. With each drop we suffer but not to the point of despair.  We partake in our perfection just so we may take one more step with our cross. For those experiencing this suffering shuffle, lift your eyes, press on, and lean into the One who bares your heavier portion. Fear not for love will see you through.

Press on Lil’ Jack.
Press on Terri.
Press on Kevin.
Press on John.

Lean into Him.

In Him We Rise,

Love Is The Journey…

Love is the Journey

silent thought
Love is the journey,
Faith holds firm to the rudder,
Hope splashes the oars,
Finding traction in clear water.

The sun dips below,
The horizon’s endless ledge,
The last rays offer,
A glint from a knife’s edge.

My test has begun,
Moonshine barely lights my way,
Oars pierce the deep and dark,
My boat begins to rock and sway.

Nevertheless, faith-
Sees beyond this blackened path,
Love never wavers,
As hope pushes through the night’s wrath.

No, I’m not alone,
But in the palm of God’s hand,
That gathers my hope,
Drawing me to the Holy Land.

The morning draws near,
And the sun will come again,
This journey of love,
Is warmed by the gift of a friend.

Be at Peace…

By Chris Clody 5/15/14

Why do we suffer?

images tearwHow can a faithful and merciful God allow suffering? Surely this is a reasonable question.   Especially when the unexpected awful hits us or someone so close to our heart.  This question further rages when the very young suffer.   I doubt my words will change the miserable grip of overwhelming sorrow or doubt that rocks even the core of your faith.   However, I pray that for those who suffer can dry their eyes for a moment and possibly see tribulation through another lens.  Truth, which is an infinite component of God’s love for us, is not a pair of rose-colored glasses but rather a gift of deep, consoling peace.  Truth will not change the situation but the way you see and engage distress will.  God’s love by nature is diffusive and seeps into everything we do and sense.  God’s will can do nothing but good and His love is all encompassing.  His love is our truest form of mercy.  Whether His love leads us in joy or a trial of sorrow, we must embrace His inexhaustible mercy. The ‘reasonable’ question of why we suffer is simply answered as a work of love beyond our capacity to reason.  For those God sees as worthy grapes thrown into the press of suffering ravageing our very mind, body, and soul – fear not.  God’s is truly near and His gaze never leaves us.   Tears are never wasted where faith endures.   Know that wine from your suffering is the very work of love that others will drink so as to lift their gaze to God.

The Vineyard


Heavy is the fruit that hangs from the vine,
That glisten with dew in the rising sun,
Beautiful red clusters begin their blush,
Harvest for many has now begun.
Worthy are the grapes He chooses to crush,
For only the choicest of fruit will be made into wine.

By Chris Clody 5/4/14

Love Calls To Love

I believe in God.  I believe that this same God breathed not only life into us but also His Love. Within us, His Life and His Love are only compromised by our choices. I believe it is this Sovereign Being’s vision that we unhesitatingly unite His Life and His Love as if it was a prodigal, love-sick son runnig back into the arms and life of his father. Although His Life and Love are solely for His glory, He is not a selfish Deity. In fact, His love is jealous to solely rest all our hopes, fears, and sufferings in Him. Therefore, if today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.

Give Love a chance,


Love calls to Love

Pure Love calls to love,
Make haste then to answer Him.
Souls are His treasure,
Giving all to deliver them.

Awake O my soul,
To the sound of charity.
Sacrifice bears all,
Forgiveness is prosperity.

Love calls to love,
Drawn to newfound freedom,
Love calls to love,
Today I see Your Kingdom.

Alone nevermore,
Lo, He is with you always,
My King and my friend,
Beside me even when I pray.

My Lord and my God,
I abandon all to You,
Take my suffering,
As my prayer, my trust, and hope in You.


By Chris Clody 3/16/14

Quiet Rescue

images3My friend is a gift.   A bucket of overflowing wisdom whose compassion is a knee jerk reaction. His love is wasteful and without regard for his needs.  God not only gave me a friend, but a mentor and a brother.  His love is active and searching as it is obedient and grateful.  His smile is one that offers a peace waiting before his words.  I believe through the love of God, his passion to offer calm and confident assurance to the hurting is like watching water rescue.  Shine on brother…shine on.

My Fall


Within the depths I stumble,
A bottom I never thought I’d find…
Trapped within my solitude,
Wrapped in darkness and left feeling blind.

Faint echoes bounce from these walls,
Growing louder in my surrender,
Forgotten hope fills my soul,
Knitting shattered pieces together.

Reaching for a helpful hand,
Blindly following my brother’s voice,
Encouraged by promised hope,
I submit to Redemption’s choice.

Side by side we start to climb,
Rising from this bottomless despair,
Love has once again conquered,
My heart transforms and quickens in prayer.


By Chris Clody 10/29/13

A Burden With A Smile

images2Recently, I heard a blurb on why suffering is permitted, especially by those (including myself), who believe in a God that profoundly loves us.  I too carry a hidden intimacy with chronic cluster migraines for the past 25 years, that left me in lonely, desperate pity parties celebrated every minute of every day.  After dutifully attempting all “cures” – I left the world of the shoulder-shrugging, well-intentioned neurologists many years ago.  Yet there is a silver lining to desperation… and it glows in the stillness of prayer.  Embracing my pain emancipates an unexpected richness in the grace of peace drawn from ever-deepening prayer.  The many levels of prayer removes my filter of focusing on pain, unleashes the cascading ambience of my intimate and omnipresent Father, my Redeemer and understanding Son, and the warmth of a comforting Spirit.  Even during the excruciating times that sap the will to do anything but melt…I know prayer is my answer-even when it’s not my cure. Therefore, for those of you in far worse condition then me, please seek beyond your wills for the extraordinary grace glowing in your distant and dark nights.

A Burden With A Smile


Chronic is the fire burning inside my head
Ravaging the hope to be free from pain,
Rest is impossible even lying in bed,
This unrelenting rage seeks its only gain –
Yearning to consume my soul after my brain

Yet, I bear my burden with a smile,
and refuse to slow from this ball and chain,
The secret of pain is found trodding its mile,
Releasing its secret – instead of its shame.

Like endorphins released in the midst of a race,
Splashing through puddles, cursing the rain,
Embracing the suffering and inhaling God’s grace.

For fear is the mountain we avoid to climb,
Yet fear is a lie…hiding a key we all must find.

©2013 by Chris Clody 4/28/2013

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The Untimely Question…

When tragedy strikes, especially when death steals the joy from our lives, we are left battered by its unpredictable ambush.

As comfortable and self-sufficient cultures continue to skillfully disengage from the necessity of God, heavy hearts find no place for tears.  Tears should never be wasted.  Although death’s facecard seems to trump any momentum to our life’s vitality and promise, the house does not always have to win. Although the reality of loss, un-relenting grief and tears, will have their way, this human response is not an invitation to wasted tears and despair.  Instead suffering is a heavy door that opens to a choice offering refuge for mortality’s greatest insecurity and soft landing for our tears.  Facing this question now will help the weeping from their knees sooner by the strong and gentle hands of hope.  Find some time today and join me in prayer for the grieving.

God is near – let Him in.



The Will and Our Tears

The most difficult question of all,
Comes from the tears falling in our loss.
What God’s will allows after man’s fall,
How tragedy’s price comes at great cost,
And where even His Son dies on a cross…

Yet, somehow, our suffering has a place,
Where hearts like gold shed its tears of dross,
Tears of sorrow become tears of grace,
Drying in God’s prodigal embrace.

The salt that remains gives life flavor,
Although the pain we feel is not erased,
But hope that seasons…will not waver.

The most challenging answer of all,
Offers tears a wooden cross onto which they fall.

©2011 by Chris Clody 6/10/2012

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