Walk of Justice


Deep within the heart of a pastor, there grows an answer to the question that called their heart to Christianity.  I know of one pastor who encourages us to celebrate humanity’s uniqueness while challenging the soul to dive deep within its hearts to understand gratitude.  Could you please take the time to visit Don’s page to reply to His following question:

As we all know the term ‘Justice’ – especially when preceded by the word ‘Social’ – can be volatile. That being said…what does the idea of Justice mean to you? [I can’t wait to hear the varied responses.] If you only respond to one post (ever) on this page please let it be this one! It is going to help us shape where we head from here. 

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This morning I met with another mentor helping me discern way into prison ministry.  She left me with a reflection to ponder: When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples He was actually preparing them for their walk of justice.  My first reaction was chills.  As I drove to work the weight of this reflection got heavier and heavier.  An unbearable sense of humility was unknowingly anointing the dirty soles of the disciples’ feet.  Grace, mercy and forgiveness would soon reveal their true meaning as they trod their trail to martyrdom.  I feel trapped under an immovable cross of humility, screaming for that one hand to come along side and help me to my feet so I may begin to see the depth of this word of justice.  What do you see?



Walk of Justice

Their soles are cleaned by their servant-master,
The dirt from that day has been washed away,
A covenant proclaimed during dinner,
The meaning of bread and wine slip away,
While one readies himself to betray.

In time, these followers will understand,
Strengthened in humility Christ displayed,
Martyrdom will reveal their Holy Land,
Their walk of justice awaits its demand.

Fearless humility now bathes their soul,
Alone they’re slaughtered – yet Christ holds their hand,
Diamonds are born from bodies crushed like coal.

Will you let Me wash the soles of your feet?
Will you follow me in my justice or retreat?

©2012 by Chris Clody 4/27/2012

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