The Golden Rose of Ground Zero

In honor of the many lives lost on September 11, 2001, I offer my heartfelt prayers to the families still hurting, to a Nation forever changed, and my absolute gratitude for those who ran in knowing they wouldn’t come out…

The Golden Rose of Ground Zero

Amid the day’s horror,
The wreckage and the loss,
From muted screams and dust,
Arises one steel cross.

Hope stands alone to see –
Unashamed and brilliant,
The call from Calvary,
Echoes God’s resilience

A rusted, golden rose,
Lifts hope above our fear,
Blooming from destruction,
To show that God is near.

Nev’r forget! Nev’r Forget!
The innocent lives lost…
Nev’r Forget, Nev’r Forget,
God’s Golden Rose – His Cross.

Find Peace….

©2011 by  Chris Clody 9/9/2011

Please “Leave a reply” that honors the life lost on that tragic day.

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2 thoughts on “The Golden Rose of Ground Zero

    • Thanks for the kind words Desiree! It’s hard for me to grasp the enormity of this tragedy. I remember my third grade field trip to the Twin Towers and looking out of the 110th floor and then going to the very top of the observation deck with the rest of my classmates. The mere thought of both of these buildings crumbling to the ground along with the loss of life takes my breath away. Eli Wiesel, the author of “Night” (a must read!) says it best: Let us remember, let us remember the heroes of Warsaw, the martyrs of Treblinka, the children of Auschwitz. They fought alone, they suffered alone, they lived alone, but they did not die alone, for something in all of us died with them. We must remember – but not in the context of revenge but rather in forgiveness and hope. We must remember how people filled churches following the weeks of this tragedy to bring their sadness to God. Peace, Chris

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